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  • kindle fire for £99. any good
  • trail_rat

    Browsing oh yes anything extra not to use the fire would be worth it.

    The mrs likes her fire for reading but for browsing she will use her i phone every time. The browser on the kindle is horrible

    And the adverts from amazon do your nut in after a while.

    Its an ereader with a tablet attached as a second though – not a tablet with an ereader

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Its not an ereader with a tablet attached it is simply a device to allow you to purchase things from Amazon as easily as possible and to deliver constant adverts to you.

    For £100 you can get a refurbed Nexus 7 (mk 1) and that would be where my money would be going.

    Remember if its just the Fire and not the Fire HD the screen isn’t brilliant either.


    Danny B


    I picked up a Kindle Fire for my missus for £89 when Carphone Whorehouse were getting shut of their stock.

    For what she uses it for, namely the Kindle app, Facebook and Rightmove it’s spot on for the money. Admittedly the Silk browser is a bit ropey and the adverts based on your purchase history are a bit 1984 but she can live with it.

    You can get refurb iPad Minis for £219 though, depends how much you want to pay and what you want it for really.


    great chaps. thats settled then.
    cross that off my list.
    thanks for your inputs

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    it must be possible to root them by now. If the hardware is good, that’d give you a cheap, good tablet for not much cash plus a bit of effort

    Using one right now. The browser got an update not that long ago and is much improved. It’s a version of android so has 70-80% of later features, ads have never bothered me and I use the e reader a lot. Worth the money for me.


    are they any good.
    is the ipad mini worth 4 times as much?
    whats your opinion?
    will mainly use for browsing and games for my 4 year old.


    Had a KF for 18 months and its no very good, no Google app, no YouTube app, etc.

    Avoid, especially if its for the young un

    Ps in the interest of integrity ipad minis aren’t 4x more.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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