'kin injured and its doin my head in……knee overuse

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  • 'kin injured and its doin my head in……knee overuse
  • Premier Icon Jossie

    I’ve got similar symptoms at the minute, been to see physio and resting are the order of the day I think.

    Also worth getting checked that you haven’t got a muscle imbalance – apparantly I need to strengthen my quads? Not quite sure how I have been pedalling for the past 20 years.


    or clinincally known as inflammation of the patellar tendon. Its so frustrating.

    Have been injury free for months and then 24hrs after a long ride (road) i notice a dull ache on the front of the knee. It gets progressively worse and is really irritable when sitting at desk.

    Two weeks later and after pro bike fit (cant tell yet what impact this will have), physio, loads of RICE, stretching and strengthening exercises, i went for a short ride. I did 30km along the flat, highish cadence and its aching again today at work. Grrrr!

    Anyone had knee overuse? Any tips on recovery?

    Premier Icon Phil_H

    As above, get checked for muscle imbalance. The quads on the inside were much weaker than to ones on the outside & I ended up with patella maltracking.
    It took me about six months of rest to recover to a point where I could get back on the bike without it blowing up again 😕


    Why are you doing strengthening exercises on an inflamed knee you will only make the inflammation worse you need to rest it.These type of injuries are frustrating but you will need some time off the bike. Ice and Ibuprofen,I wouldnt be exercising until pain free
    Good Luck

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Lost the best part of the last 3 months with back problems. Not affected by riding but just as it gets close to easing off I have to do something that aggravates it – building my lads new bed being the last instance.

    Stayed fit and lots of miles in through the awful winter, first hint of spring and it’s lost !

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