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    You’ve got the trailcentre at Kielder, and Newcastleton not far. The deadwater trail is good imo, it’s got its haterz… The very top loop is pish, a nasty draggy climb in order to ride down what’s basically a broken up fireroad. But the rest is good.

    There’s greens and blues at kielder, I’ve not done them but I remember a sign saying that if you want to ride an invalid carriage round the blue, make sure the batteries are charged so I don’t think it’s very gnar. The Newcastleton blue is a proper mtb trail, just easy- glentress blue style.

    No idea about anything else1

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    Depends on which end you are at. If you are down by Kielder village then you have all of the trail centre: two red loops, black route and multi colour skills area. There is also a ride completely around the lake.

    If you are at the other end then no idea.

    Plenty of riding both single and family, round the lake is great if your kids enjoy riding and there plant of stop off spots

    see linky

    Prob get more out of it being there for a while if your on holiday as heading uo for a day never seems to stack up for me (personally). but Its a great spot and theres plenty to do..

    Family holiday next week at Kielder Water. Bikes are coming too. Anyone got any good routes, for mornings out, so I can leave the rest of them in bed and not be missed? Also, what kind of riding is there, as have mini TJ on his bike and hes a bit shakey on anything technical . Thats the afternoon rides, obviously 😉

    Cool. We are at the Hoseasons park, i believe. In a bloke way, i’ll just turn up in the car and avoid the organisation. I will have a look on the OS map tonight and print some routes etc off. Looking forward to it as something different to ride.

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    If you’ve got limited time, park at the skyspace car park & its then just a short hike up to the last twisty bits of the lonesome pine trail.


    The deadwater is receiving a bit of TLC at the minute so sections of it are closed. What parts of it are open are still worth riding though – some great stuff. Whatever you do don’t bypass the blue – the note about it being suitable for tagalongs is a load of crap. After the initial fireroad climb it transforms into the most wonderful, fast, flowing singletrack. It’s a great ride out and if it had more jumps / drops (i.e. a red grade) people would rave about it.

    Skydive (last part of the lonesome pine) is a fast, flowy red grade (nothing techy on it though) descent.

    After an all dayer combining 2 trail centres:

    You could ride from Leaplish on the lakeside way to the trail head – it’s about 8 miles IIRC.

    Plenty of natural stuff too although you’ll need a guide / ask at the bike shop at the trail head.

    Don’t forget your insect repellant.


    couldnt agree more with andyr, the blue route is well worth riding.

    you could do the blue route, then you could follow the lakeside way anticlockwise to lewisburn, then head up the lonesome pine trail which takes you back to the castle.

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    Also, what kind of riding is there, as have mini TJ on his bike

    Don’t mention helmets and you’ll be Ok.


    You’ll be at the Leaplish park on the map, it’s not far to the start of Lonesome Pine trail, and from memory about 20 mins ride up the castle where all the other trails start.

    One suggestion wouldn’t be to casually decide to ride the ‘other way’ round the lake to get back from the end of the blue, took much longer than I thought, got dark.

    Also, what kind of riding is there, as have mini TJ on his bike

    Don’t mention helmets and you’ll be Ok

    This one does what he’s told and will always wear his helmet 😀

    Lots of help, thanks all . Tried to print the maps earier at work, but the printers all went wrong FFS. I will try again in the morning and laminate them too !!

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