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    Hello All.
    I had my B&B booked for the Kielder 100 since last time.
    Recieved an email last week saying they now wouldn’t be able to put me up.
    It’s now looking like a good hours+ drive to get there from the few hotels that remain with vacancies.
    If anyone is unable to go and have a B&B/hotel booked they need to cancel,could you please let me have first dibbs on the room?

    I realise this is unlikely , but you never know.
    I would camp,butI’m a tart.
    And going to Harris camping the Monday after.
    Knowing how i felt last year I doubt I ‘d be able to take the tent down!
    Yours hopefully,


    Sleep in the car.
    I am putting the back seats down and dossing in the car.
    Have booked the campsite but won’t be in a fit state to take it down so just going to collapse in the car at the end
    Luckily my car is big enough


    The camp site 400m north of the castle and purple mountain have tiny woodenn cabins that sleep 4. I think it’s 40 quid a night. I camped there a couple of weeks ago, many many midges, wear anti midge nets is my suggestion

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    sorted now , ta.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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