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  • Premier Icon D0NK

    Nice round up – I was wondering about drop bags too, was thinking of putting some extra kit in there like spare disc pads and tubes incase I've used up the ones in my pack – obviously this is dependant on getting the drop bag back. anyone know about this?

    7.5mph sounds easy dunnit – πŸ™„


    OK, just over a month to go and the Kielder 100 will soon be a reality.

    I thought it would be useful and informative for those doing this for the first (or second) time to get as much prep as possible to ensure that the event is a success for everyone. I've looked to put everything in one place here so that before the event I can print off this thread and use it as a checklist.


    (from the official site pages:

    You must carry the following items:
    Enough fluid for 15 miles of riding (at least one large bottle); – I'll be using my CamelBak with 1000ml of fluid (SIS to start), with the aim of topping up the CamelBak at each filling station with energy drinks. Is this doable?
    pump; – check
    spare inner tubes (even if you run tubeless); – check
    basic toolkit; – I've got some pliers and a set of allen keys, and puncture kit. What else? I'm not expecting to rely on the mechanical assistance points.
    spare brake pads (maybe 2 sets, trust us!); – check
    space blanket; – check (from the RAC)
    spare food; – how much? Is this *spare* i.e. to keep to the end of race, or is it fuel for the trip? Bananas (too heavy?) or energy bars? Probably the latter for me.
    emergency whistle; – need to get one.
    windproof jacket/gillet; – Hmm, I have a lightweight hi-viz – not breathable, or an Endura all weather. Any suggestions on something lightweight? Might just compress the lightweight hi-viz.
    Race Passport (supplied by Event Organisers); – yet to get.
    money to Pay the Piper (optional – but it does go to charity.) – must remember πŸ™‚

    Skin-so-soft midge repellant. See the other thread on midges here: πŸ™
    Chain links and chain tool (tbc – would others carry this?)
    Mobile phone? – is there any usable signal in case of emergency anyway?
    Some kind of mossie net to cover head and neck. Does anyone know of such a thing that could be worn over a helmet?
    I've got some Kenda Small Block 8's (after reading this report:
    … but will take some Panarace XC Pro if the weather isn't so great
    Sleeping bag
    Strip everything off the bike that isn't necessary.
    Lock – so that I can secure the bike overnight on Friday.
    Bin bags etc. to keep the car clean when taking a muddy bike home πŸ™‚

    Feed station summary and distances: (+15) 15W (+10) 25F (+~15) 36to42W (+~10) 50F (+15) 65H (+~15) 80F (+20) 100 miles (W=Water, F=Food, H=Hot Food).

    Is there nothing for the last 20 miles or so? On the site the last feed station is labelled as 75/88 – Feed station 4. So it is anything from 10 miles from the 65m station, but with 25 to go, or 23m from the 65m station with 12 miles to go?

    Rider bag drops – am I missing something here? If fuel is provided, what might go into a rider's sandwich box? Some SIS powders?

    Time to checkpoints.
    Assuming a 0640hrs start (0637hrs last year) the times to the checkpoints and required pace is:
    CP 1 – 1400hrs – 55miles = 7h20m = 7.50mph
    CP 2 – 1530hrs – 65miles = 8h50m = 7.36mph
    CP 3 – 1700hrs – 78miles = 10h20m = 7.55mph <— NOTE THAT THE PACE HAS TO INCREASE TO MAKE CP 3!!!!

    Finish by, say, 2000hrs latest = 13h20m = 7.50mph

    According to this route plot…

    The course undulates quite frequently up to the 72 mile mark, then a nice downhill / level section before a climb around 86 miles for 3 or so miles. Fun πŸ™‚
    Total climb is around 6,000ft according to mapmyride, 60ft/mile

    I've never been to Kielder so have no appreciation of the terrain and hills. Is the riding quite easy going, but with long continuous climbs or are the climbs less frequent and steep? For my own comparison the CVMBC west of Huddersfield in the Pennines is 2,500ft over 30miles = 83ft/mile.

    Google Earth map route here

    If you haven't started your training yet:

    Riders will not receive an entry confirmation other than the Paypal online entry receipt and can check their entry on the event Entry List on
    Confirm your entry here:
    Be at Kielder BY 2100hrs Friday 3rd for race briefing.

    Petrol stations? Anything quite local for fuelling up the car?

    From last year's event

    Anything there that I might have missed, any hints and tips welcome.

    Oh, and if you feel like sponsoring me, and giving me a reason to carry on when all hope is lost: πŸ™‚


    bag drops – mine will have a spare tube – some energy food, a nunn tablet in each one and thats it really


    Top stuff, thanks!!

    Route profile does look 'lumpy' until the final big climb but I'm guessing this is last years route anyway so may well change.

    Not sure what to put in my drop bag either… maybe we should have a large STW communal drop bag at each station full of cakes, sweets and pies?!


    Crieky! that's a bit organised πŸ™‚

    Mine reads…

    Bike? Check.
    Pump tires up. Check.
    Fit saddle bag. check
    Stick stuff in pockets for the rules. Check
    Stick food in checkpoint bags.Check

    Ride a very long way when the man says go.



    One of our guys finished 5th last year (he was the guy paying the piper in the article in the mag) – his summary:

    Essential kit inspected before start: whistle, spare pads, tubes, space blanket, rain top, tools, food etc. Clouds of midges before the off. Hungry ones. "Neutralised" start behind a quad. Too slow and everyone is tripping over each other. Fire road. Uphill. The most effective way to spread out a pack before the singletrack. Dense pine forest shortly after dawn. Blair Witch Project. Wot no lights? Overgrown vehicle tracks. Downhill. Pinballing from one side of the ruts to the other. Too scared to brake hard. Not happy. Rocky fire road, 4-up timetrialling in the big ring and running out of gears on the descents. Skating over loose rocks sweeping from left to right through the bends. Better than telly. Leg aching climbs on sodden ground. I think I've seen that tree before. Newly completed "designer" singletrack: swoopy, grippy, wooded, bumps, jumps tabletops…. mmmm. Pity we won't see that again: one lap only. Fire road slog. Tyres too hard. Back stiffening up. Minutes of non-stop banked curvy boardwalk over windswept, heather covered moorland. Mist blowing across the border from England to Scotland. Distant wail of bagpipes and a lone piper against the skyline. Drop a few coins in his case, nod to the piper, back on the pedals. Steep sandy climbs where the granny ring wasn't small enough. Get off and push. Not faster but it's a change. Keep eating. River crossings where there should only be streams. No punctures. Please, no punctures. Eating more gels in one race than the rest of the year put together. Grinding gears, juddering brakes, sore back, soaked feet, caked legs. 60 miles to go. No Ibuprofen. Oh. Trees. More than you can shake a stick at. Uh? Doubletrack. Overgrown. Flooded. Riding at walking pace on the flat. Front wheel disappears below the water and everything else follows. At least it's a soft landing. Dodging bigger puddles to save the drivetrain and brakes form gritty water. New pads can't wear out in a day's riding. Can they? What's brown and sticky? A stick!. Laugh till it hurts. Too tired. No more than a mile of tarmac in 9 hours riding. Bracken, heather, wide open space. Don't miss a turning. Don't ever miss a turning. Chatting to fellow riders. "I live 20 miles form here. I never ride Kielder". Oh. Broken bottle cage from hours of hammering over rocky trails. Bottle down the jersey. Used gels tucked in the shorts; sticky ooze running down legs. Bloodshot eyes. Soaked kit. Blistered hands. Grazed, scratched, knees and elbows. Brake pads on the metal. Gears jumping. Back aching. Prunes for feet. 20 miles to go. Nearly there. Fellow rider getting tired. 100 miles on soaking trails and no rain. Thanks goodness! Final singletrack park and across the finish!!! A race that deserves the title "epic".


    …..add's pain killers to pocket list…..

    Also on last years map, the 80 mile point is a bout 2 miles from my hotel πŸ˜• That's going to hurt!

    Premier Icon Trekster

    from clubbers mates reveiw I might not bother if this rain persists πŸ™„

    and what pain killers are best ❓

    when he says "keep eating" ….what is he eating, gels? how many?


    Is everyone sorted for accommodation? Taking the campervan but the "watch this space" extra camping doesn't seem to have popped up. Are there lots of opportunities to hide a campervan away in the woods?


    Umm, wasn't last years course around 11000ft of climbing. If it's only 6000 this year then thats a relief


    Added to my THINGS TO TAKE section
    Nuun tablets
    Paramol pain killers

    The drop bag starts to make sense. A bag of gels and a spare tube (y)

    @clubber's write up makes this sound like quite a challenge. Gulp.

    Premier Icon Pippalarge

    you don't need a midge hood – they weren't that bad last year – not when you're riding anyway. I was so knackered when i finished i didn't even notice them


    I'm going to throw some stuff in a bag on Thursday night.

    Bag drops I was going to put my own food and also a CO2 canister and tube in one incase of early mishap. The reason for my own food is that I can then pick what I want to eat and not rely on the sponsors products. I may also put some wetwipses and chamois creme somewhere in the 2nd third.

    Must remember ibuprofen,

    I'm carrying about 1 litre in a camel back and a small bottle of energy drink. I've lost bottles before up there as it's bumpy so make sure yours is secure or you have a contingency.

    Small jacket will be a montane waterproof if it's going to be really wet or just a windproof it might be wet.

    Midges aren't a problem if you are moving, they are unbearable if you stop.

    Make sure you can change a tube quickly and while exhausted. I've rejected one set of tyres because struggled to get them on and off the rim.

    Same with brakepads, make sure you aren't going to have any problems changing them. You will be changing them if it's wet. I've been through new pads in 4 hours up there in winter.

    Carry some chain lube?

    Large parts of the trails are rocky. Stones about the size of apples. Beats you up over time and your bike. So make sure things are secure and your tyres hard enough to not pinch on the downhills.
    Not sure if I'm going for a top tube bag yet, makes storage and access of food easier.

    After you have finished 100 miles you will be tired and hungry and likely cold and wet. Don't forget to do give some thought to just after the race.


    My mate drove straight to Bristol afterwards and ran the Bristol half marathon the next day. Did a respectable time too (1:22). Nutter 😯

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    I wrote something here and I went out about 10 days before last year (in the pouring rain) and took some photos here.

    It's still pretty dry up here at the moment. I was out last week on the now finished new blue trail and it was pretty good. I think last year we rode some of it but mostly 'backwards' if you know what I mean.

    Still plenty of time for rain but apparently midges haven't liked the cold winter and dry summer. Doesn't mean they won't still be horrible tho' . . .

    Carry some food. I was relying on one of the feed stations and hadn't used any bag drops but found just a few bananas and one gel when I got there (should have gone faster I know!)

    Enjoy it – last year was brilliant.

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    Tracker – yes, plenty of hiding places (usually)

    Premier Icon MrGreedy

    This could probably make a thread of its own, but what the heck – what tyres is everyone planning on using?


    the fastest ones i have. Probably racing ralph 2.1 or similiar. Its not techy the course so the least rolling resistance the better


    I'm probably kidding myself but there doesn't seem to be much more climbing than the South Downs Way, which I solo'd in 10hrs earlier in the year so add a blanket and a whistle and I'm sorted. Maybe drop some food so I don't have to carry it. Bike- will be on the 5, Nic up front Ralph out back- get on pedal till someone says stop.


    oh maybe get some different mozzy rep as the last stuff I used melted my watch strap! Will test at 10 More in Moray!

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Still haven't started training due to knee bother – nae bother (he quips, kidding himself). May have to just start and see how it goes…….


    boxelder – ditto but for different reasons, and the weekend just gone one ride, bit or concrete making, brick and slab laying not the best training.


    It's reet. 32:16. You'll love it.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    bit or concrete making, brick and slab laying not the best training.

    At least you'll resisit the blisters my soft hands are destined for.
    Are you taking the van and parking inconspicuously?


    Training is going terrible at the moment! Only managed to get an entry a couple of weeks ago.

    First long ride wasa 38 miler. Got a migrane half way through but managed to finish despite feeling sick for most of it. Worst couple of hours I have ever spent on a bike as I couldn't see straight.

    Second was this Friday. Thought bike up to Dales and bivvie. Managed to break my back wheel within 15 miles from home. Got wife to pick me up.

    So my plan is to wing it and see.

    Taking a 500ml bottle then a seat pack and a bum bag for other stuff. Don't want a bag on my back for all that time. May put a spare bottle in at cp's that i don't mind losing if people reckon there is a likelyhood of one bouncing out.


    im now out .

    firm date of the 16th for africa πŸ™

    just offloading my entry to a mate



    Premier Icon Shandy

    Is 500ml a "large" bottle? Its a bit vague in the list.

    I haven't done anything over 5 hours yet, due to some injuries and time constraints. I was out in the Alps there and have done a mix of 4-5 hour road rides and 2-3 hour XC rides with some tough climbs. I reckon I have the pace in the legs but I haven't done as many long rides as I hoped. I'm doing some long steady routes over the next couple of weeks and then planning out the nutrition, as long as I finish I'll be happy.


    I've hardly ridden an MTB these last months…

    done loads of road stuff. 75/85 miles every sunday. did coast to coast in a day last month. getting out for big rides in august though, both on MTB and road. also doing 'bootcamp' style outdoor training once a week, great for strength, loosing a bit of excess flab and getting core strength up, which after 85 odd miles will be very important!

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Large bottle = 750ml.

    Are mp3 players allowed?


    Tracker, I'll be in campervan to. We'll hide together πŸ˜†


    For those who rode last year, I take it the course is all rideable? We won't be having to carry our bikes up/down over?


    boxelder – staying at a campsite for a few days in the van πŸ™‚ Probably take a car a too as that will be easier to get to and from the event as I suspect it will be busy.


    What percentage of people usually complete this, anyone know?

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Last year was the first – check the results.

    Premier Icon dot

    -For those who rode last year, I take it the course is all rideable?

    Yep, had to push one climb but only cause I was riding a SS


    Any hints on SS gear ratios?


    Premier Icon dot

    32:18 was fine & dandy


    I'm not doing it, but it might be worth putting some clothing in a bag drop. A dry top always perks me up on rides.


    What percentage of people usually complete this, anyone know?

    Wasn't it something hideous like 40% completed it?
    Its all rideable but its totally different to say a 10 or 12 hour event where your doing laps. Once your out there there's no pitting every lap to refill water bottle, grab more food, get mates to do mechanicals etc. Its all you for the 100 (more like 107 miles) miles.
    Be wise and plan it correctly. Look at the distance between feeding stations, what type of stations they are etc. Can you ride for 25 miles with 1 water bottle, even the quick guys thats over 2 hours of cycling. What food will you need to consume in that period.
    What stations are the bag drops at?. Can i get away with carrying 1 spare tube and having a spare in a bag drop?
    Will i need a camelback, will i be more efficient without 1. Remember all thats extra weight that you might not need.
    This race will push you more than you expect ( well it did me anyway). I've never bonked before, but now i know why i did it and if i do again how to handle it

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