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  • Kielder 100- bottles or camelbak?
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    I’m going to go with a very light Camelbak as I can’t get bottles on but the Elite side entry cage is a good one for keeping bottles in place

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    Bottles worked for me last year. Just cheap cages from LBS (possibly cheap BBB ones).


    It’s not too far between feed and water stations (about 1 – 2 hours) so ive used bottles the past two years. A couple of the stations are just water though, so you might want to bring some powder along wiv.

    I rode with a Wingnut Hyper 3 last year and in hindsight, given all the drink stations, it was a bit of overkill.

    Anyone riding with just bottles and if so can you recommend a cage that will keep my bottles in place



    Bottles worked well last year. Two large bottles were enough to get between the main feed stations which had accelerade.

    One thing I found last year was that some of the bag drops were a bit disorganised. I would take bit of extra food incase you can’t find your bag.


    I only have one bottle mount as it’s a full suss so was a little nervous about loosing it. I used one bottle and a small lightweight hydration pack that held only a bladder, put about a bottle full of water in.

    It worked fine and was well worth it as my back was cooler and didn’t get sore.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    Depends on how much you drink while riding. Feed station gaps are published, take some fuel powder with you for the stations that don’t have juice, only water.

    I finished last year having drunk less than 500 ml of fluids.

    However I am clearly a freak* and am best ignored.

    * This I know to be true. I’d been having stomach trouble and cramps and couldn’t drink or eat much without it getting worse. In the end I had to lie down for 15 minutes to let it ease. Finished in 10hr19. Not rapid (like him up there ^) but not slow.


    Just did bottles last year. Much more plesant than wearing a Camelback for 12 hours


    I finished last year having drunk less than 500 ml of fluids.

    Yikes, it was a hot day too

    I’ll be simply drinking as much as I can, on a recent 9hr training ride in warm weather I went through ~8 ltrs
    I’m not sure I’d rely on the Accelerade mix they supply, I saw them mixing it up at one feed station
    The guy seemed to end up with a blockage of ‘energy mud’ at the bottom of the container and was trying to to free it up with a stick so I’m guessing some people got a very concentrated mix
    I’m going to stick to plain water and gels


    Echo the comments on feed stations. On the whole they were good but at number three they had my half empty bag that I’d left at number 1. It took a while to find the back with food in it before I can leave.

    There was enough other food there to be comfortable but I had specifically chosen food that I new I would want at that point in the ride. I couldn’t face another banana!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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