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  • Kids tossing about in ‘souped up’ Saxo’s
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    and 206’s and other such.

    We have a supermarket and health club over the back from us at the end of our garden. It’s happened a few times previously but it started in earnest when we had the snow a fortnight back, revving their engines and racing around just generally making a nuisance.

    At the time I thought it was mainly harmless and maybe they’d learn how to drive a bit on snow – a valuable if not often needed skill.

    But now it’s happening 2 nights out of three, last night woke me up at about 1am and it’s just started happening again now and I’m pissed off with it.

    Do i go round there and remonstrate. And die in the process. Do i go round and take numbers secretly and then call the police? Or just call the police knowing nobody will come for ages by which time they won’t be there anyway? Is any offence actually being committed apart from maybe a mild trespass or public nuisance?


    phone the cops and maybe just exaggerate a little…..

    quite often those bigbore exhausts sound like gunshots…


    Go there with a couple mates and a box of nails, throw the nails around their cars if they don’t bugger off. ;o)

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    trouble is, all my mates don’t really exist, they’re just log-ins on a MTB forum.

    Right. Police it is. It’s 20 to midnight and someones got a stereo on the go and pulling handbrake turns 60 feet from my daughter’s window. Not on.


    While I’m not against the old gathering of people with an enthusiasm for cars, at night and regularly is totally unacceptable. The fact that they’re doing it means they’re not likely to see your point of view. Call the police and tell them they’re causing a nuisance. Grab the reg numbers and report them for what they’re doing (Rather than gunshots, thats just wasting police time) and they’ll be given a 6 month probationary period, if they repeat the offence in 6 months they’ll have the car confiscated. Apparently.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Yeah, one for the fuzz I think.

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