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  • Kids swimming goggles
  • Can anybody recommend a decent pair of goggles for a 4 year old?
    A pair that don’t fill up with water when submerged.
    Son has gone backwards in learning to swim, once he loved it now he makes excuses not to go.
    Am I just not adjusting them properly or are they all shit?

    Most of the time those “zoggs” goggles for kids are pretty sh*t with their adjustable nose bridge and terrible suction over the eyes, so i would reccomend some slazenger kids goggles found in sports direct.
    These are probably the best and will last a long time.

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    I got speedo ones for mine, easy on/off due to simple button type adjuster that even the little ones manage.


    Had great pair from Decathlon. Just the basic kids pair after having a similar mare with previous, I think zoggs

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    Plus 1 for Decathlon. They have a good choice of kids’ goggles in store so you can find a pair that fit.

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    As with all decent sports kit for kids questions, Decathlon is usually the correct answer.


    My son has had numerous pairs from the local swimming baths (mostly due to me losing them) which I think have all been Zoggs and I don’t recall a single set having an adjustable nose bridge. He absolutely loves going underwater and never seems to struggle with leaks.

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    yeah my kids have both speedo and zoggs, both good and work.

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    Teach him to go without. Goggles seem almost mandatory these days whereas learning without will be better for his confidence in water in general.

    Zoggs have been great for my daughter. She is on her second pair now after growing out of the first ones. No leaks and no fogging which was my bugbare when wearing goggles as a kid. We bought the most expensive pair the baths had and they were still only £10 so hardly expensive either.
    Some of the other kids seem to be constantly messing with their other brands, emptying them out or look like they have just been in a sauna.


    Mask style worked well. The others were just to fiddly early on..

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    These work well for ours and the hologram eyes are awesome and might be encouraging for the wee one. Zoggs Sea Demon goggles

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    we have some from a brand called aqua sphere. They have a soft mask type seal rather than the shove into the eye socket style pictured above

    aqua sphere kids goggles

    Our eldest has been using since he was 3 and I have a grown up set.


    Teach him to go without. Goggles seem almost mandatory these days whereas learning without will be better for his confidence in water in general.

    Spot on


    Some swimming goggles fit and some don’t and it’s nothing to do with how much money you spend on them. It depends on the shape or your head and eye sockets – you’ve just got to find the pair that fits you. I’ve got a £25 pair I use for open water swimming but my favourites are a pair of Zoggs Otters that cost £4 at the local pool. See if you can try a few pairs on before buying and you might have a better chance of them not leaking.

    Thanks for the replys

    Like I mentioned in the 1st post, we are going backwards
    [url=]RUARIDH 5m[/url] by Alpine160, on Flickr

    He used to be fine with out goggles, he wanted them as all the others had them. I dont want to hold him back learning by getting him back to not using goggles.

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