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    up honister pass and down warnscale bottoms 🙂
    with shouts of HTFU when they go slow or complain

    You could do an out-and-back on the old railway line – jump on it near the Station Hotel and head up to Threlkeld, then back again. Traffic free good surfaces, easy gradients.


    Aye I know that route but fancied something a bit more natural/views but not a bad shout

    So basically DONK send them out on a ride with you and leave it your excellent motivational abilities 😉


    You could park at Whinlatter on the opposite side of the road to the visitor centre. There is a car park on the left just before the visitor centre called Revlin Moss I think. You can ride the forrestry tracks there will be some pushing but a lot of that is flatish with nice smooth downhills.

    You won’t string together 10 miles though.

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    your excellent motivational abilities

    Hey! I motivated Si to crash 3 times on That Corner last night, ryan cleaned it first time jammy bugger.

    FP round derwent water any good? Only walked bits of it so dunno what the full loop is like. Cheeky I know but with kids on a quiet day I assume you could probably get away with it.


    Going with the kids and we will be doing Whinllater one day

    Only 6 & 8 and riding 20 ” rigid so nothing too gnarr – Skiddaw is a no no 😉 – or massive uphill grinds or hike a bike
    I would like them to enjoy it and I dont fancy carrying three bike whilst the kids moan at me
    Anyone know any decent routes in the area
    Depending on climbing I guess 10 -15 miles distance

    Can travel a bit for the right ride

    Cheers all.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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