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  • supercyril

    Its time for my daughter to get a new bike. She is 5 at the weekend and i think the little bike she has now is hindering her.
    I would like something like this but without the front suspension.
    I have looked at and discounted the islabikes range due to cost and having gears.

    Any ideas?

    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    I got my daughter a Saracen Bella, though the Ridgeback Melody is nice too.


    Little carlos is nearly 6 and has a 16″ wheel bmx , it weighs quite a bit but he loves it.

    The Carrera looks pretty good and having an aluminium frame will definitely help. One of my mates swears by Ridgebacks for his girls so they’re worth a look.


    I have looked at and discounted the islabikes range due to cost and having gears

    Not all of them have gears, my m8 got his girl the CNOC 16 even though she ‘should’ have had the Beinn. Also the price might be high to start with but they command a premium 2nd hand, so you’ll get most of the your money back long term.


    Ridgeback Melody for my 5 year old. Very good bikes. Picked it up for £50 second hand from my lbs.


    There was a second hand Islabikes Beinn 20 small, on here at the weekend/last week. Keep it two years & you’d get 90% of that back on Ebay. 😕
    Half the weight of some of the stuff we looked at in our LBS. Whatever you buy, if it comes with silly knobbly tyres bin them for some slicks/semi-slicks, makes it easier for them. That Carerra looks good, better if it didnt have the suspension fork. Totally unnecessary on a childs bike. 🙄
    My eldest is 5. Just got him a s/h Beinn 20 small from STW. He absoluteley loves it. I’d rather get shot of some of my kit to buy an Isla, than have him riding something that weighs as much as he does.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Ebay – They are not on 16″ wheels for very long, so no point spending loads.


    Thanks guys. Some of these bikes look ideal. I may have a look at the cnoc 16 for size as she is quite wee for her age. And with baby No2 on its way it will get used again in a few years.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    My daughter has got a Ridgeback melody and its a great bit of kit. Plenty on ebay and they are decent quality to make them worth buying secondhand.

    She is nearly 6 now and ready for a 20″ bike and some gears.

    Premier Icon jonathan

    My 5 (very nearly 6) year old still rides his Cnoc 14 as much as his 20″ wheeled Beinn. If the size is good a Cnoc 16 would definitely be a good option.

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