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  • Kids and the first snow….
  • As soon As it started snowing, my kids ran to the window, little faces pressed hard against the cold glass, excited with anticipation and youthful enthusiasm. ” Daddy, daddy, it’s snowing, it’s snowing”

    If they carry on like this any longer – I will probably have to let them in

    Premier Icon Drac

    Old ones are the best.

    if it was their first snow,…how did they know it was snow?


    Never seen a volcano but reckon I’d know one if I saw one.


    Charlie how is SSUKG 2013 coming along ?

    It’s coming along. Got a couple of services in the morning, stw advert creative, and then it’s SSUK finalising afternoon.


    This old one has never heard that old one so thank you Charlie. 😀

    You are welcome

    .. It’s a pretty old gag, first time I heard it (variation of this, same comedy mechanics) was the great Emo Philips back in the mid 80s. When he’d awaken in the morning and discover snow on the ground for the first time in the season, he’d sprint to the front door and start pounding on it excitedly, and exclaim with youthful enthusiasm:
    “Mommy! Daddy! It snowed last night! It snowed last night! Please, please! You know the deal. Let me in now!”

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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