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    I’ve stayed here click and they have kids day clubs, family riding within 10 mins by car on the camel trail. further up the camel trial there is some good woodland riding.

    also worth a look is this website click

    I’ve seen loads of info on here about the various companies offering guided bking holidays. My question is whether anyone has any recommendations for companies/destinations to use for a family/biking holiday. I have to admit here that I’m thinking more of the occupy the kids elsewhere thing than the ride with the kids thing… although they both try hard and have done a fair few of the designated blue routes around the country they are only 5 and 7 years old so still a bit limited.

    What I’m after is either
    Somewhere the kids can be entertained 2 or 3 times in the week while we go off and ride.
    Somewhere with riding suitable for 5 year olds so we can ride together
    Somewhere we can do alternate days proper riding while the other does the childcare. Obviously you could do this with BV etc but it’d end up costing a fortune per day ridden.

    Any suggestions?

    Based right on the beach we are perfect for a combined biking/family holiday
    Stunning singletrack rides with plenty of bus uplift during the day & fun après-bike on the coast at night. Sandy beach, large pool and kids playground on tap.
    Toddler free and non-biking parent 40% discount.
    Checkout our family info page. fantastic biking since 1992.

    Hi Alex, check us out at, we can arrange all the requirements you mention, ie appropriate routes, child care, appropriate family activities (pool, play area etc)in this unspoilt area of Andalucia, Sierra Nevada, Southern Spain.


    This might sound counter intuitive, but bike parks are good for this sort of thing.

    Most have easy green/blue runs that are ideal for kids and being all down hill they will probably love it. Most good parks also have loads of other things to do when not riding as well so it doesnt get boring for them. The fact that everything comes back to the same place means that adults can alternate runs on their own or one can go with the kids while the other rides solo. There is usually quite a few kids around as well for them to play with.

    Valnord is excellent for kids, excellent blues and greens and loads of peripheral stuff like rope slides and go karts. Deux Alpes is similar but has even more kid friendly trail options, and loads of english kids of similar age at the campsite in Venosc.

    I have been taking my lad to bike parks since he was 5, he always has a great time, especially as pedalling was optional 🙂

    Just stay away from the busy resorts like the PdS as they would be potential carnage.

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