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    Tragic people NEED a big car.

    On a more serious note, mechanically they are **** as are all Kia’s, rust buckets.

    If you get a diesel bear in mind you WILL need to do miles and miles in it otherwise the DPF will clock up which is a pain and if it gets real bad ££££

    Just don’t see the appeal IMO.


    aye its a nightmare when emergency services personel might want to have a 4×4 to get to work in an emergency in a part of the country where for the last 4/5 years we have had consistantly 3-4 months of solid snow cover ?

    i scrapped a golf for the steering rack going – it wasnt that your haldex was ludicrously expensive – it was just golf priced – over priced pieces of crap – id have another hyundai before i buy another vw thanks to lovely overpriced parts – and pattern parts for golfs generally being terrible ime.

    Premier Icon Woody

    Tragic people NEED a big car.

    Yes I’m tragic. I should really have several cars of varying sizes and only use them when appropriate 🙄

    Unfortunately, life has to be full of compromises and for me, a big’ish car is the most appropriate and cost effective. Also as TR pointed out, I do work for the emergency services and I have to get to work in all conditions regardless. Even if I didn’t have to get to work, a big 4×4 would be the most suitable vehicle for camping and skiing trips!

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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