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  • Premier Icon scandal42

    So does anyone on here have one?

    Always really liked them and they seem pretty practical for biking, uk hols etc.

    Looking at Tempest most likely. Proper marmite cars so please refrain from posting about how much you hate them ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hitch and bike rack on the back looks a great possibility.



    I know I shouldn’t but I quite like them, they are quite striking in a boxy way. (Goes and hides…)


    The wife has one…

    Great interior space, lovely driving position, well specced, tardian feel to the cabin
    Feel a bit cheap, sounds a bit rattley/tinny, poor boot space
    Mpg is ok, not terrible, not amazing, just ok

    1.6 diesel Echo btw


    I like the look of them but when I sat in one the rear visibility seemed not too good. Mate it’s not that bad when you’re driving.


    I really like them but missus wasn’t mad keen so we ended up with a Cmax instead.

    If buying new be aware that there is a new version out soon including a Electric version.

    Premier Icon lorax

    What were they thinking when they named it? Try saying ‘Kia Soul’ quickly, with a bit of elision: ‘Key ars……’


    The Type-R is the one to get.


    I really like them but they he missus doesnt so thats that.

    Premier Icon scandal42


    I have managed to persuade the Mrs that she loves it 8)

    I would be looking at the older style (or soon to be) as I wanted one when they first appeared but couldn’t justify the massive outlay compared to my trusty Stilo.


    I’m currently getting about 45mpg out of the 1.9td on my 18 mile round commute, would it be any worse do you think?

    Premier Icon iainc

    Wife has a 2011 petrol Tempest, which we’ve had for 2 years.. Its the second car, does short trips with kids. Have had a couple of small warranty issues (rear camera, door trim) but it has a hard life and is bearing up well. Averages about 34mpg, which is significantly better than the 1.8 petrol cmax it replaced which did about 29 ๐Ÿ™

    Only criticism of our one is the silly 19 inch wheels and low profile tyres – not very comfy on poor roads.


    I considered one when looking at smallish practical cars but went for a Roomster as considerably more storage space and more flexible seating.

    Premier Icon scandal42

    I have read that the boot is surprisingly small for a car of it’s design.

    Storage isn’t really an issue for me though. No kids, just me and the other half and most importantly bikes ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sat in one the other weekend and it seemed like a nice place to be, quite airy inside the cabin and I loved the raised driving position.

    A secondary thought is that my mum suffers quite badly with arthritis and struggles to get in our current cars (206, stilo) so this would allow the Mrs to take her out shopping etc which means more time riding bikes.

    Anyone used a towbar bike rack on one?

    Premier Icon iainc

    Boot is small, yes, as cabin is roomy for a short car. It is quite upright so very easy to get in and out of.

    Cheap to buy and run and 7 yr warranty is great peace of mind.

    I’ve had one from new (a Soul 2 diesel) for about 3.5 years now and generally have been relatively happy with it. For me the driving position is perfect, high enough up without feeling like a van, fairly good visibility all round and comfortable. I preferred the ride with the standard tyres rather than low profile and that was one of the reasons I went for the ‘2’ rather than one of the ‘specials’.
    Average about 46-47mpg on mainly short drives. As above, build quality is a little cheap and plastic in places, but it lasting well (not that I do many miles). Boot space is a little small, but without the boot box it’s quite deep so you gain in depth what you lose in length. A bike will fit in no problem with the seats down and the front wheel out, though the hatchback opening is a bit tight.
    The roof loading limit is very low (about 40kg I think).
    I guess my only complaint is mine hasn’t been the most reliable car. It’s the first car since my first banger 20+ years ago to actually break down whilst driving (faulty wiring loom cutting out the fuel relay), the driver’s door catch failed, the rear seat catch had to be replaced and it’s been back in most years for one recall or another. However, everything has been fixed promptly under warranty and I’ve got another 3.5 years cover left…
    I’m not sure I’d have another due to the problems above, but then maybe I’ve just been unlucky. I wouldn’t go as far to advice against one and I do think they are a nice car, but if buying second hand, I’d recommend checking the service history and making sure the warranty is still up-to-date!


    Soul 2 owner here.

    Sort of like the car, but there have been a few issues with it.

    ยฃ1600 warranty work to the clutch/gearbox.
    Intermittent fault with the drivers door where it won’t open from the outside.
    Paint reacting with bodywork that the dealer steadfastly refuses to address as warranty. His first question was ‘Where are your paintwork inspection documents from servicing?’ My answer: ‘I don’t know, you carry out all the servicing, have you been missing work?’. Met with silence and a refusal to fix. Also claim it was stone chipping until I pointed out the lacquer wasn’t holed, just the paint discolouring.

    On that basis I wouldn’t buy another.

    There are a few niggly things too – like the interior light doesn’t time out to switch off and it’ll flatten the battery of the car. The interior is notably cheaper than other Kias in the range. Fuel economy and performance aren’t great. Boot space isn’t fantastic either.

    On the plus side, it’s nice to drive. Bags of interior space and easy to park, being mid way between Fiesta and Focus in size. It’s also got a nice driving position being higher up that a ‘standard’ car.

    Basically it’s a fairly non descript car. Does everything reasonably but nothing spectacularly. It’s pretty without being engaging in any way. It’s not especially cheap to run either.

    Would I buy another? No. I’d buy a Ford Focus petrol.

    Intermittent fault with the drivers door where it won’t open from the outside.

    Sounds like the issue I had with mine – the door would appear to unlock but the handle wouldn’t open the door. If you re-locked the car then unlocked again it would work ok for the rest of the day then fail again sometime later.
    My problem was due to a faulty door catch that was replaced under warranty and it’s been fine since (the dealer found the issue quite swiftly despite it being intermittent, so I suspect it’s a known problem), so if you’ve not got it sorted yet, then I’d have a word with your dealer!

    Premier Icon cliffyc

    I am in same fix as joolsburger,I really like the Soul but GF does not.Game over,shame as to me,at least it seems to be a vehicle that ticks many boxes main one being “This is me, and this is what I choose to drive”.Nicer looking than the (similar)Nissan Cube.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Of my 2 warranty issues, the reversing camera going foggy was understandable but found it weird that on the other issue, the silver trim on the door speaker surround started flaking off. Replaced no probs so all good, although have noticed other door speaker doing same – odd…

    Re the plasticky finish in general – its hard wearing and holds up well to messy kids.



    That’s exactly the same issue!! Except sometimes mine wont open for the rest of the day! Cue me swearing and opening the door from the the rear door.

    Thanks for the info – I’ll get on to the dealer ASAP! ๐Ÿ™‚

    i had the utter misfortune to own a kia (sedona). it was quite the most useless car i have ever owned. absolutely cheap shoddy build, the reliability was insanely bad and it was rusty like an old 1970s british car. both the dealership and kia were utterly useless about doing anything to sort the problems, and kia especially did everything theyh could to wriggle out of the no corrosion guarantee.

    i’ve said before on here, i would sooner drag and slide my ass down the road with no pants on than own another kia.

    Premier Icon scandal42

    How long ago was that gav?

    I remember when Rover drivers had the audacity to sniggle at Skoda drivers, how things change.


    I haven’t owned one, but drove a rental one round for a week. It always felt a bit wayward to drive at the front, as if something wasn’t really connected properly. I wasn’t expecting sports-car handling, but it felt some way short of even an average hatchback (Focus / Golf etc). On the second day I checked all the tyre pressures just to make sure it wasn’t a problem there (it wasn’t!).

    The other thing that sticks in my mind was the seat fabric seeming like it was prone to snagging/wear – the fabric seemed to be quite thin.

    Others who have long-term experience may be able to comment on both of the above better than me, but it didn’t seem to be holding up too well to life as a rental car (which is probably like some sort of highly concentrated ultimate abuse for car durability…).


    Wanted a soul last year but the wife doesnt like them so that was that ! ..instead we bought a brand new kia Rio which has been ace ๐Ÿ™‚ … very very happy Kia owner here

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Thanks to this and a couple of other Kia Soul threads, I bought one of these today.

    1.6 Soul 2 on a 2011 plate with 13,000 on the clocks.

    Pick it up on Friday.

    Thanks for all the wisdom STW.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Mrs J has had one for 3 years – it’s been brilliant.
    The only issues we’ve had has been door not opening from the outside when its below zero outside. It’s been in twice to try and resolve it, but they’ve not managed to fix it yet. It’s no big deal because the passenger side opens and you can open it from the inside.
    I’d have another.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Yeah I’ve seen that issue on a couple of other threads. I am looking forward to it actually. Although that’s as much because my Mondeo is about to cost me ยฃ500+ tomorrow.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Kia’s most popular car in the US (their largest market), they sell like hot cakes out there!

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Have to say, after my first 100 or so mile drive, I quite like it…

    It does have the ‘drivers door locking mechanism’ quirk, but i’ll book it in for that tomorrow along with a service as it’s due one on age, not miles. But I’m more than happy with it’s size and overall the car is nice enough.

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    I’ve found the door problem on quite a few Korean cars, I find spraying wd40 liberally all over the locking mechanism helped it out no end.

    I think they look quite quirky, in a good way

    You seem to have found one that doesn’t though weeksy ๐Ÿ˜• Sorry

    Premier Icon weeksy

    LOL, it’s a car mate, it couldn’t be less important to me if it tried. If it gets me to work and back and doesn’t cost me millions of pounds, then I’m happy.

    Fair play to ya ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Premier Icon weeksy

    I’ve done the best part of 300 miles in it now and TBH, I like it. It’s massively spacious inside, it drives well enough, the steering is a lot lighter than my Mondeo was.

    The door locking thing seems to have gone away, it was only that once it happened. So I’m prepared to forget it.

    The Bluetooth works well, the iPod stuff is excellent too.

    The parcel shelf is a bit rattly…. rubbish design basically.
    Squeaky drivers seat on the RHS, minor irritation i’ll get Kia to look at on Weds.

    Getting 42mpg from it, which when you factor in the price difference between diesel and petrol is about 2.5-3mpg, then I’ve getting close to 45mpg… which I’m more than happy with.

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