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  • Jamie
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    However, feel like an utter fraud being classed as a ‘key worker’. All I’m doing is following a set of instructions and emailing out documents.

    Which helps people and keeps things moving.

    Obviously there are levels to this, but don’t underestimate your role in the greater effort.

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    And now I know where Phil and Nobeer work (or have a fair idea).

    And where I live 🤣

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    I am lucky enough to work for the NHS and can still go to work. I work for the estates department and it is pretty much business as usual apart from we put ourselves on shifts to minimise contact.
    The atmosphere in the hospital is surreal it honestly feels like a nightmare we can’t awaken from. We can’t get hold of additional PPE which sucks but can get it off the wardS when we are working there.
    The confirmed cases have increased 10 fold in a week god bless.
    Iam pretty much resigned to the fact I am going to get it and just hoping the cycling over the years has made me strong enough 🤞 even so I’m not buying anything else cycling related till this is over. The wife works for EE so she can also go to work.
    I know the NHS staff are getting a lot of recognition and rightly so but other workers shush as in shops buses taxis police firemen etc etc are all doing there bit and hopefully we can all get though this.

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    I’m a teacher. Feels very strange to work from home, trying to keep my students doing something other than focusing on the bad stuff.

    Doing my bit to (hopefully) keep their mental health in check and not feel like a fraud!

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    Key workers for me ( and I might have missed some)

    Obviously healthcare – not just the front line but those whos work supports the front line so most ( but not all) NHS staff and I guess those who do not fit in ith direct influence on care ( quality improvement teams, moving and handling advisors etc) can be moved into roles where they become Key and from stories on the halthcare workers thread this seems to be happening

    Those concerned with feeding us so farmers, logistics for transport of food and shop workers in food shops

    those who keep essential services running – so power stations and other energy supply, Water and waste management etc. Posties and delivery staff ( although this might be the opportunity to reduce the duplication in services) Those that are needed to keep the internet running. Those sort of folk

    Finally those who keep us safe ie police, firefighters, coastguard etc

    Who have I missed? either categories or folk in these categories?

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    @tjagain – food manufacturers are missing from your list and most other lists i have seen.

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    I’m a fiery, with technical rescue and Urban search and rescue roles. Normal business has dropped right off. My station and team are earmarked for slightly different work once we get into April/may. Can’t say I’m relishing the thought.

    I feel extremely anxious as we’re still crewing as normal and have 1 1/2 sets of corona ppe per truck. Never had what I do at work possibly come home to affect my kids and wife in such a way. Will probably stop coming home for a bit when the work starts.

    That said we’re fairly used to working around pathogens/ chemicals, dealing with recoveries and I’m hoping that training stands us in good stead for decontamination discipline etc.

    what we do now will effect what I’m doing then.

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    Good call PMK – they obviously fit in with those who feed us

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    Civil Servant, normal job is emergency response (chemicals) and this week started covering response role for the outbreak, hopefully give some of my colleagues who have been flat out some respite from it. Whole organisation is designated key worker, but vast majority are now WFH and have been for a couple of weeks. My wife normally works at home and kids are teens so don’t need to use the school provision.

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    Who have I missed?

    May not fit into your definitions, but I work in Defence / Aerospace manufacturing and everyone here has now been given a letter (by the company) stating that they’re “essential” workers. Offices mostly WFH, but manufacturing still in full swing (day and shift work).

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    Who have I missed? either categories or folk in these categories?

    I’ve just had an (unsolicited) email from HR containing a letter identifying me as a key worker.

    I guess cybersecurity migh fit into your ‘essential services’ category?

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    I guess cybersecurity migh fit into your ‘essential services’ category?

    depends who your employer is surely? If it’s MI6 or the NHS then, yes. Sounds though like a lot of companies are just self-certifying their employees as “keyworkers” (whatever that even means? Don’t think I’ve seen it on any official publications? Just seems to have been something made up by the papers which social-media morons have latched onto 😂)

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    I’ve saw a petition for keyworkers to get a 30% payrise during the pandemic. I wonder how many workers would be key after that.

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    Look after Vodafone and O2 infrastructure
    Electrics and Air conditioning systems predominantly. So we’re out still doing basic maintenance, in our minds we should only be attending critical/service affecting job’s.
    Not a happy bunny

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    Oi TJ! You’ve missed us Gardners off the list, how dare you!

    (I still can’t believe it, sorry all)

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    Who have I missed? either categories or folk in these categories?


    Well obviously it’s not meant to be taken literally, it refers
    to any manufacturers of dairy products

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    Desktop IT Support in a large Gov Dept, but outside contractor, not civil servant.
    No office support at the moment though as most closed and staff now WFH.
    It’s surprising how much support you can do from home.
    Occasionally dropping off replacement kit at peoples homes – knock & run 🙂
    Designated Key Workers by the Gov Dept – as we support the staff, who are Key Workers.
    Have official letter – but certainly don’t feel that key and no comparison to what NHS staff are going through. I salute you all.

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    Me NHS manager, Mrs FD surgeon.

    Never been busier

    Well actually not entirely this week. I’m on leave ( I did loads of hours the last couple of weeks l, and they said they would rather have me fresh for when the sh!t gets bad)

    Mrs FD winding down her routine work, and now on call 24hrs a day this week, but actually her hospital is very quiet at the min.

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    I install medical equipment, ups and ips systems, and construction work for critical infrastructure. Some projects on hold, but I’ve currently got 4 weeks flat out on one site then installations nationwide.

    Digs are currently airbnb, but likely to end up as the back of the van the way it’s going!

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    Work in insurance inspection as a surveyor (basically as an MOT inspection for pressurised vessels though we also do lift & crane and electrical inspections). Work has gone a bit mental in the way that I don’t know if i’m coming or going, with constantly changing requirements from clients and company. Any industry you can think of we would have a reason to visit (though at the moment I’ve gone from 3-5 sites a day to 3 sites a week).

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    I’m an Engineer maintaining & repairing a wide variety of machinery used in the Aqua culture industry (Food production). biggest change in my work is the roads are deserted , makes me smile. No chinese tourists , no any tourists 😀 & also cleaner hands.

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