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  • nasher

    Had some nevegals or blue groove oem on a giant a few years ago and they were crap.

    however things move on and was wondering how you guys find the latest generation of tyres.

    My favourite combo is the maxxis high roller dual ply with 60a on the back and super tacky on the front for all year alpine riding… are there any kenda ones similar to grip ,compound and performance of the high rollers?


    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Nevegal dual compounds are great. I hated my oem Highrollers & wouldn’t go back.


    Yeah, my Nevegals are fine too. As are mt Small Block 8s 🙂


    Thought the nevegals were a pretty solid all rounder.


    Different people in different opinions on things shocker.

    If you want a tyre with a similar grip, compound and performance to a high-roller I would suggest a high-roller. 😕


    I think I prefer my Nevegals to my High Rollers/Minions.

    That said, my Ardents are excellent.

    ardents ftw!!!

    i will be changing my nevegals to ardents for next season!

    well i suppose it depends, bought some dtc nevegals a month ago and after 3 weeks they hit the bin, pinch flat like everyone says they do…


    I use a Kenda on the back,I find it copes well in the Lakes and never find them prone to punctures,I usually have 28-35 psi depending on route.

    The sidewalls on my small block 8′ seems disappointingly flimsy, in fact, this causes me to have a hard to getting them back on as they won’t stay connected where I need them to when trying to lever those last parts on, I felt like giving them away to be honest, that’s how frustrated I am by them.

    I also have some Nevegals which seem to be made of much stronger stuff, I’m no good on the mud with them though so won;t use till at least spring now.

    Have been using blue grooves and nevegals for years. Never had an issue with them. I’ve read stuff on here that the side walls are thin and rubbish but I have never found that and I only run them at 30psi.

    Premier Icon gothandy

    Yeah, my Nevegals are fine too. As are mt Small Block 8s

    A big fat plus one to that!


    OE Kendas are a much harder and less grippy tyre than the “proper” aftermarket Kendas.
    Thats probably why you didnt get on with them

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Yup, OEM Kendas look the same as the proper ones, but they really have nothing much in common at all, nasty plasticky compound.

    What size are your Highrollers? That’ll make a big difference, and do remember that Kenda have pretty honest tyre sizes while Maxxis of course don’t, so if you’re using “2.35” Highrollers bear in mind that they’re not 2.35s at all- if you replace them with 2.35 Nevegals in equivalent compounts they’re a lot bigger and slower. Yet still I think lighter.


    2.35 Nevagals are almost exactly the same width as 2.5 High Rollers.

    I used to run a 2.35 Stick-E Nevegal on the front with a High Roller on the back. The Nevegal was very predictable and gripped fantastically well in most conditions. Took ages to wear out when on the front end.

    I trusted it so much i even put the worn out one back on the front for doing Ben Lomond in the dry.

    Will run High Rollers through the winter but it’s back to a Nevegal on the front come the spring.

    Neil F

    I used a Nevegal 2.1 rear and a 2.35 blue groove front on mine, they were pretty good. I now use Conti’s in 2.2 and 2.4 and they’re fine too, but not any better than the Kendas.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    stucol – Member

    “2.35 Nevagals are almost exactly the same width as 2.5 High Rollers.”

    Yup. And this makes people say “Nevegals come up big” 😆 We’re so used to undersized tyres that right sized tyres are freakish.

    I love my 2.35 stick-es but I’m realistic, they’re not for everyone, they’re my big skill compensator and I don’t mind dragging them up the hills. Damn good at what they do, rubbish at what they don’t.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Nev & Blue Groove combo here, 2.1 on the FS & 2.35 on the SS. Both running DTC rear & Stickee front. Bomb proof combo. The comment on the OEM versions is true, they arent as good as the more expensive types.
    As for SmallBlock 8’s being flimsy…yes, they are very light but I gave some 2.1’s a right good pounding last summer, (I’m no lightweight).
    I had no problems.

    Small Block 8 are great tyres for all round use. I just got some skinny 35c ones for my CX/hybrid bike as I know they run fast on the road too and they don’t wear out too fast. I loved them on my 29er. Quite expensive though!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve never found smallblocks at all flimsy, sure they’re floppy when you’re fitting them but they work fine once they’re on. Though the sidewalls on the fat ones can be a wee bit exposed because of the lack of big edge knobbles, mine have a few scars from rocks but are still doing fine.

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