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  • Kenda Blue Groove /Nevegal Tyre combination.
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    Hi lads,
    not been on here for a while so the new look was a surprise!

    Right, down to business.
    I need a new pair of tyres for my 04 Marin Mount Vision.

    m thinking of giving the Blue Groove/Nevegal DTC combination a try, in 2.1 size.

    I`ve read a review on MTBR, however, that says you should use a 2.35 Blue Groove upfront with a 2.1 Nevegal on the back as (despite both being 2.1s) they are different volume tyres.

    Can anyone shed any more light on this?
    Anyone use 2.1s front and rear and, if so, how do you rate these tyres?

    I use Nevegals (Stick-E front, DTC rear) in the 2.35 flavour. Great tyres.


    2.1 tomac edition nevegal front. Perfect tyre for aggressive XC IMHO. Not quite enough volume for AM riding. Get the DTC, even if purely used on dirt, the stick-E will wear down the middle far quicker than the sides.


    I found them nice and grippy but a bit draggy on tarmac.

    I’ve got a 2.35 blue groove folder for sale if your interested. not too much use….


    got the nevegal 2.35 version front and back, great tyre
    they are draggy on tarmac, but since I got my road bike I’m of the opinion that any mountain bike on tarmac is just wrong.

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    2.35 Blue Groove front and 2.35 Nevegal rear running ghetto, no size difference I can see and they roll well on tarmac with 30/32 psi, not found this draggy idea myself, grip well in most conditions

    2.35 BG front and 2.35 Nevegal rear for me. and 2.1 Blue Grooves f+r on my other bike.

    Really highly rate them, and when I have had to ride them on concrete they seemed to roll fine.

    F: 2.1 “Tomac” Nevegal
    R: 2.1 “Dual compound” Nevegal

    Ghetto tubeless at 30psi

    They are light-ish and grippy for techy XC, but a bit slow-rolling when the going is good. If you run tubes, pump them up a bit more because the sidewalls are weak and you’ll get plenty of pinches (why I went tubeless).


    I have 2.1 bl groove front, nevegal 2.1 rear. they look the same volume to me and perfectly matched in terms of size etc.
    Great tyres, very grippy.


    2.1 blue groove front 2.1 nevegal rear both ust seem fine so far

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