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  • aye-aye

    Further to my post about dry places, has anyone spent much time in Kelowna BC?
    I've had some good info from Johnny Smoke who guides in the area.
    Any more opinions as to what it would be like as a place to live for 3-4 months next summer?

    hot hot hot

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Desert, cacti, hummingbirds, beach lake resorts, wineries, loads of other fruit growing.

    Penticton's a bit nicer than Kelowna, although not as big. Kelowna's a bit concrete and sprawly. Some good climbing too, if that's your bag. And you might even find Penticton is a bit plastic touristy in places, too.

    Okanagan valley is the warm bit to base your search around.

    And microbreweries.

    And some half decent mountain biking, apparently.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I find Google Earth with Panoramio switched on is a great way to get a feel for a place.

    we went through Kamloops last summer en route from Calgary to Vancouver.

    2nd August, 7pm, 39degC. It's not that far from Kelowna, on a Canadian scale

    Premier Icon beamers

    Spent a couple of days there a couple of years ago en route from Vancouver to Medicine Hat.

    Nice place, big lake, good riding.

    Big White ski resort is only 60km up the road. Didn't go there but I hear it is pretty good.

    And the wine is amazing, truly amazing.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Erm, I was thinking of Kamloops when I said Kelwona was sprawly and concretey!

    (It was 8 years ago!)


    kelowna rules!

    great hospital too 🙂 🙂
    great trails,great post ride swimming,beers,weed…….

    We did a house-swap in Vernon, just up the valley, a couple of summers ago. Hot is the word. Loads of biking with a great local scene. We bought season passes for Silver Star, which has great lift-served riding.

    The Okanagan in general is full of powerboats, jetskis and pumped-up jeeps. Kelowna is the commercial centre with a number of large Malls.

    The whole area is great. Go there. Enjoy!

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