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  • Kayaking up North. Where to go?
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    Get on the Leeds / Liverpool and head left?



    First thread on here so I’ll go with off topic to really start things off well!

    Good start.

    Myself and the wife have just purchased an inflatable kayak and have so far been on the North Sea, Pugneys in Wakefield and Rother Valley.

    We are not exactly Olympic level just yet but I’m already bored of doing laps of a lake.

    Could someone please recommend our first river trip. Close to home (Wakefield) would be great but is not essential. Otherwise I guess we’ll head up to the Lakes this weekend.

    Many thanks in advance,



    Same place as that last geezer, ….. Panama wasn’t it ? 😀


    I’d be reluctant to take an inflatable kayak anywhere other than a lake TBH. Given that I’d recommend anyone wanting to kayak / canoe should join a club so they can get proper tuition, I can’t recommend anything less just because you bought an inflatable ‘toy’ version.


    I did this trip a couple of years a ago http://canoetrips.co.uk/Idle/idle.html
    easy paddle you can shorten it by starting at drakeholes and returning there. The river and canal are only about 20m away at that point.

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    Ask the folks over at UK Rivers Guidebook. They know their onions fo shizzle…



    Try the BCU for links to local clubs and ukriversguidebook for river guides and general advice

    I agree with TooTall though. Rivers can be dangerous, especially so if you don’t know what you are doing join a club if river paddling is something you want to do.


    Many thanks for the replies everyone.

    We are looking into clubs at the moment but its not really our scene normally. I guess safety comes first though.

    Thanks again,


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