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  • Just want to share the love.
  • craigxxl

    A big thank you to Garage Bikes at Morley. I went out for my first ride in ages. On the way back the FSA crank came very lose on my PX XLS. Luckily Garage Bikes were open til 5pm and they were only a walk to the other side of Morley.
    10mins later and my crank was torqued up correctly again and I could carry on. They didn’t charge me anything for the job so the least I can do is share the love for a proper LBS.


    I’d go back with a box of biscuits, fair play to them.

    I once had a bit of a fork failure, lost a lot of air at a trail centre near a castle in Scotland and the nice man at the bike shop there wanted to charge me for the use of his shock pump. Granted I should have been prepared but these things happen.

    Nice to have someone help you out.


    Good work guys at Garage Bikes at Morley ..

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    We all love Al, and for things like this?
    Even more so..


    I offered to pay all I had on me, the princely sum of £5 but it was refused. I think I can manage some biscuits for saving me the 4+ mile walk home in cleated shoes.

    I wish I’d taken his advice of going down Howden Clough instead of Scotchman Lane as I now feel like my fillings have been shaken lose.

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    Garage bikes also bring the best cake to races too!

    I’d expect nothing less from the very good people at Garage Bikes. So many are quick to criticise, well done for letting everyone know about this.

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