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    my son saw a bear and her cub in the woods by his school last week. there is no fence between the woods and the school.

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    I was lucky enough to work for a season in Whistler and have some memorable encounters with bears . At the end of Kill Me Thrill Me I rounded a corner of the trail and nearly parked my bike in ones butt ! Working for Whistler Paintball I was digging a foxhole in the side of the hill , came back down to admire my handiwork looked back up to see a bear sat in the foxhole ! After a Paintball game when it had quietened down the local bears would come out and eat up all the spent paintballs they found them irresistible 😬 Hanging the guests washing out one day I spotted something out the corner of my eye , yep a bear sat under a tree just watching me 😬 Riding down the Valley Trail to start breakfast one sat right on the cycle path had to give it a very wide berth 😬 Great memories .

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    That’s a great video. Bears are fantastic creatures.

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    Loved that video, thanks for posting.👍

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    Talk about a nonchalant stroll! Until the bear got a few yards past and broke into a run. 😎

    I have to say, my closest encounter with a native carnivore was with a weasel one day when out for a ride on the Sustrans path out of Chippenham. I spotted it coming towards me so stopped and watched it as it loped along the track. It stopped when it was right below me, looked straight up at me as if to say, hi, nice day for a ride” then bounced off into a nearby hedge!
    Just a lovely interaction with a usually rather elusive creature.

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    Mmm the Weasel was working out if it could kill you and drag you off.

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