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  • Just stopped a bike thief -hollow victory
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    Leaving work today and heard a noise by the bikes, walked up to see a stereotypical Burnley scrote wheeling a colleagues bike away. I challenged him and he gave up the bike and walked off , running when I moved towards him. I moved my colleagues bike into the building and went to unlock mine, to find that said scrote had made off with my Hope Vision 4 and main back light. Made it home on the backup lights but fuming, especially as he’s had my lights on him when he walked past me, and my lights cost more than the bike I rescued.

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    Chin bike thief first! Ask questions later


    I doubt it was the police.

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    Well done, and sorry for your loss

    Have to say, though, leaving fancy shit like that on your bike is taking a bit of a chance (I take off my aldi coin-sized flashers when I park outside my work)

    you leave your bike outside work ?

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    It’s that, walk or drive. And I can’t be bothered to get up early enough to walk. I was late getting out tonight so normally my bike would have been fine as there’s people around, but the other one would have been gone. The director will be having a short sharp meeting about secure bike parking in the morning. ISO50001 my donkey!

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    I’m in no way judging/sneering but you’ll never leave expensive bike Lights outside your work again, will you?


    As above, I take my lights into the office, even the cheap-ass chinese torch jobbie. Leaving shiny, easily removable stuff on the bike is asking for trouble IMO, sorry.


    As above, I have to leave my bike outside at work, and someone tried (but failed) to nick it just the other week…

    BUT I would never leave my bleeding lights on it!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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