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  • Just shortened some Hope brake hoses – bodge question
  • igm
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    Top bodge, unnecessary faff, or certain death?

    So I got myself some Tech4 X2s in my ongoing quest to get the entire family on the same brake pad.

    They come with silly long hoses of course which need shortening.

    To minimise the need for bleeding, I popped some old down to the backing plate pads, and pumped the pistons right old using a folded plastic loyalty card as a spacer.

    After shortening the hoses, I pushed the pistons fully home (using first the backing plates and then normal pads).

    I think this will have driven any tiny bubble at the cut out of the hose and into the master cylinder where it should cause minimal trouble.

    So back to the question, top bodge, unnecessary or won’t work as I think?

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    Isn’t that just what they recommend

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    There is every chance it will work. Done very similar with SRAM Guides. Hopes are one of the easiest to bleed needing no special tools.

    You’ll know when you skweeze the lever right enough.

    Plan B, syringe on the caliper end and push fluid in from the bottom.

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    Naah.  I didn’t bother opening the master cylinder. I reckoned any bubble would probably be less than I’d introduce by faffing with the diaphragm.

    Also I didn’t have any DoT5.1 in the garage. I agree Hope is a good design for easy bleeding. Almost self bleeding.
    and they don’t need it often either.

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    I’ve done it like that on every set on Hopes i’ve had, started with the original minis, only time it’s gone wrong is when a dickhead squeezed the brake lever half way through the process…

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    Excellent. It seemed to make sense but it’s good to know I should be able to stop properly if any kittens / baby robins run out onto the trail in front of me.

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    You’ll soon know if it’d not right

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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