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  • Premier Icon jairaj

    Any one know what the custom wheel build quality from Just Ride Along is like?

    Thinking of getting a new wheel set:
    Stans Arch EX rim with Shimano XT hubs and Sapim D-light spokes.

    But don’t know what the shop is like? I’ve know the name for a while but no idea if they are good or bad.

    thanks. Jai


    No direct experience but everything I’ve seen says theyre excellent.

    Can let you know next week as they have some DT Swiss hubs i sent in to be built up on some new rims , am waiting with much anticpation .

    I did speak with one of the guys on the phone and he seemed very clued up and knew his stuff so a good sign for sure .


    I have had a total of six wheelsets from them over the last three or four years. Two were in the last few weeks so cant comment yet but previously they have always been built to a very high standard, customer service and advice has been top notch and I would happily buy from them again.

    Previous to them I bought from Merlin but after two wheelsets I wasnt quite so happy with havent bought again, happy to pay the bit extra that JRA charge for the better service


    Had direct contact….had 2 sets built and currently have a wheel being serviced.
    Really helpful, on the phone, email and in person. Both sets of wheels are still running beautifully and true (both built to my riding style, weight etc after extensive advice and recommendation).

    Would definitely recommend. When needed I’ll be looking at a third set for my road bike from JRA.

    There’s probably not a lot they don’t know, they are wheel specialists and that’s just what they deal with, day in and day out. 🙂


    Fantastic. Had a set of p35s built to hope hubs and they’ve stayed strong and true. Very quick service and helpful on the phone too.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    So in summary yes they are great! 🙂 Good to hear, thanks all for the comments.

    Been looking at builds from JRA, Merlin and Superstar. All are pretty much the same with Merlin about £15 less per wheel.

    All know how to build wheels well and get good comments but seems as if JRA is a slightly ahead.


    My mate got some Enve 29er AM wheels with King hubs, very nice and he his happy with all dealings and build quality! Wheels built by “JM”. ha


    I’ve used them and their build excellent, quick turn around. Try moonglu aswell, they’ve got an excellent reputation.


    JRA are excellent.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    10/10 from me, Jon built 3 sets of my wheels about 3 to 4 years ago and they are still true.


    Great wheels.
    Had a set of 29er crest on hope pro2
    open pros on ultegra hubs.
    both still running great over a couple of years of abuse.


    I have a pair of JRA wheels built around hubs I sent them, great service and great wheels.


    best bike company I’ve ever dealt with. Told them what I wanted wheels for, my budget and they knocked together a set of ztr Olympics from old stock on the cheap. They’re still true after abuse well beyond their remit!

    I’ve known Jon and Bec for many years, there’s not many better builders in the country I’d bet and he’s been building with Stans rims from day 1 as he was the original importer for them, when they used to come in to the country 6 pairs at a time!


    i’ve never had any wheels from them but plenty of coffee and chat! watching them build wheels is brilliant though, theyve forgotten more than most know and attention to detail is beyond ocd!

    Just had a set of JRA wheels delivered , Dt Swiss 240 Road Hubs on Pacenti SL23 rims built with Sapim Race spokes ..inital quality of build looks top notch and the service all the way through has been good , will be riding them later today have to say i have no dramas in reccomemnding them to anyone else !

    Premier Icon jameso

    Very good ime – 29″ P35s on Hope/Paul hubs that have had a beating on a rigid bike and done some loaded-up trips. Build tension and lack of wobbles after a 6 month period easily as good as the other set (identical spec) built by a well-regarded builder I know. Good vfm and delivery etc.


    They are top.
    Had some 700c disc wheels for crosser built.
    Bombproof, brilliant.

    Premier Icon doom_mountain

    Got some Hope / Stans built which have been faultless.
    Went back to them for wheels for my tourer, went with Ambrosio / Velocity A23 combo. The rims they had didn’t have matching stickers, I got a phone call asking if this was ok. In the end, they steamed the stickers off, fantastic customer service.

    It’s a shame I don’t buy wheels very often, I’d happily give them more business 😀

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