Just received my Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost 170mm

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  • Just received my Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost 170mm
  • bro1968

    I have just received a Brand-X Ascend 170mm Seatpost. On delivery the post is not fully extended to it’s maximum height. The label on the box says it is the 170mm version which is the one I want. However when in the packaging, and before installing, the post’s extension measures only 100mm. Is this normal? Has anyone noticed the same when their post has been delivered? Just want to make sure I’ve been sent the right thing.


    just extend it?

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain

    Mine was fully compressed on delivery. I didn’t worry it was a non dropper seat post.


    Measure it fully extended. Then fully compress it and measure it again. If the difference isn’t 170 mm, it’s the wrong one.

    Yes to fit in the box it’s not fully extended, that is how they all come!

    plus one

    You can operate cam easily to check


    They come partially compressed to fit in the box. I was a bit confused as well when I got my 150mm version and it was smaller than expected.


    And while you got the seat clamp off during install – check the pressure, I have had 4 Brand-X now (120 to 170) and they are brill but every one needed a little top up before install.

    I thought it wasn’t possible to top up the 120 version?


    Okay, so after initial dumb question the post is now fitted and happily goes up and down as it should reaching the full 170mm extension. This is my first non Reverb post and, although, as others have said the lever feels a bit underwhelming, first impressions are very good. The build quality on the post itself is great, with no left to right play in the saddle, it comes with a two year warranty and I only paid £99.00 for it at Start Fitness (with code EXTRA10 for 10% off). For a budget build it’s spot on.

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    They are bloody great droppers.

    If you want to treat yourself you can fit the Bonty remote or the ZTTO remote available off eBay.

    I have both, the Bonty fitted and the ZTTO in the spares box.

    The ZTTO looks nicer (wolftooth copy from memory) but the Bonty is better made imo.

    That said, the mk2 lever that comes with the dropper as standard is perfectly good too.👍

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    They benefit from a bit of grease on the shaft (doesn’t everything).

    Really helps with the return to maximum height.

    ( Wasn’t aware the pressue could be topped up: will look at that )

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