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  • Just me still 3×9?
  • cheeezzy24

    I’ve considered swapping to 1×10 or 11 but my old 3×9 setup works a treat,changes nice and smooth and is very quiet. Plenty of gears to choose from so do I really need to change,am I missing out?


    You’re not alone. I’m still running a perfectly serviceable mix of XT/SLX/Deore 3X9 kit on my full sus. I’ll change over to whatever standard is in vogue when (more like if) my current kit breaks.

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    My lad still has 3×9 – specifically, he has my old 3×9, as I’ve gone 1×11. His sister is 1×10 and his mum is 1×9.

    Are you missing out? Not if you are happy with it.

    fwiw, I don’t “miss” 3×9. I run a 32T up front and 11-42 at the rear. Most of my local riding is flat, smooth, non-technical bridleway bashing, and I spin out at around 20mph, while having plenty of low gears left on the local hills. I’m thinking of going 34T up front and taking my chances on any big draggy climbs if I’m riding away from home.

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    Nah, 3×9 is fine . I did go 2×10 on the FS bike but to be honest it was a fashion lead move and hasn’t really made any improvement over the 3×9 on the HT. 1×10,11 whatever is a step too far for me but I imagine that lots will be on soon telling you 1x has changed their lives and improved their sex appeal.

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    Still on 3×9 here.

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    am I missing out?

    Better ground clearance, space on your bars for a remote dropper. If those things are not important to you then no, you’re not.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    When it wears out I might think about it.
    Til then I’m rocking all 27 gears.

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    Whatever works for you is best. My last bike was 2×10, one before 3×9 and the current is 1×11. They’ve all been good to be honest. I miss the ‘one more gear’ mental state when climbing evil hills though. Run out of gears far too quickly on the current bike 🙂


    Perfectly happy on 3×9. I’m running an ancient Octalink XT setup which is still going strong.

    I find myself using the full range of gears on a regular basis and just don’t think that I’d get on with a single ring set up. When I am forced to upgrade I’ll be sticking with a triple.


    3×9 3×10 and 1×11 spread over three bikes here, 3×9’s more reliable and shifts better than 3×10 imo, the jury’s still out in 1×11, I need to get out on it more..


    I was hoping to buy a cheap as chips 3×9 groupset for a bike build recently, no joy.

    Obviously not. My “main” bike is still 3×9 and my runaround is still 3×7. Other than the consumerist need to spend money, I can’t see a reason to change tbh. What? It’ll make me faster? Nah. It really won’t, and if it does, who actually cares apart from Strava? What? It’ll shave two ounces off my bike weight?! Balls. I’ll just change my shoes and have a poo.

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    Huh, I think you are over geared. 2×9 here 😉

    Don’t feel the need to change until a 1x system can provide the same range at a reasonable price.


    Huh, I think you are over geared. 2×9 here

    I have to cover a fair bit of road miles to link up decent trails round here and the large chainring comes in really handy for this.


    3×9 here as well.

    Quite happy.


    My ‘old’ bike is 3 x 9, ride it last weekend for the first time in ages and loved it. The 1 x 10 on my ‘good’ bike is a bit limited I think – it’s not particularly progress (and there’s room on the old bike for a dropper lever too). Nowt wrong with 3 x 9!

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    The erosion of 3×9 has started at OAB_manor.

    First there was a spangly Trek with weirdly low 2×10. Then eldest_oab’s Orange came with 1×10 that he is happy to gurn around on. That leaves 4 other bikes on 3×9 and a singlespeed.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    MTB – 3 by 9
    Roadie – 2 by 8
    Tourer – 3 by 10
    Hack – 3 by 9

    1 chainring doesn’t offer me any benefits, only disadvantages.


    Still 3*9 on two bikes with enough spare cassettes and chains (and spare 26″ wheels) to see me through until Brexit at least

    Premier Icon burko73

    Glad of the granny ring on my 2×10 longitude today at Simonside. Didn’t miss a big ring as it’s rigid and my arms and legs couldn’t take going any faster…

    3x 9 on my old latitude but I have hardly even used the big ring in 5 yrs.

    The escapade is on 2 x 9 which is helpful as the Xt cassette of my old sub 5 fits straight on now it lives on my off road nano clad 700c wheels. Keep thinking of 11 spd to shorten the gaps between gears but I never get round to it.

    I sort of like the idea of 1x 12 where shifting is purely sequential as it means less faffing and double shifting and I guess derailing the chain on one end only is probably less crude than at both ends of the chain/ bike. The chainline thing looks like a stretch too far though, quite a big difference between top/ bottom on a 1×12.

    And me. Love it.
    Middle ring for most riding, but a big un for road sections and a bail-out granny ring for the hard bits.

    I don’t buy ground clearance, I can count the number of chainring strikes I’ve ever had on one hand.
    Weight? Maybe a bit over a single ring, but no real difference over a double. Simplicity? I can work 2 levers thanks. Not sure about those who claim operating a front derailleur is difficult.
    Room for a dropper remote? Mine fits on fine. Got room for a fork lock-out too.


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    I have just gone back to 3×9 after 2x 10 then 1 x 10 and after spouting on here the benefits and what i missed just not feeling the love for the triple

    Premier Icon tjagain

    2×9 here. It works and it gives me enough gears. Its even fairly light. Why would I change?

    Premier Icon nuke

    3×9 here on my 29er…until i work through my large quantity of stock i seem to have accumulated, that’s the way it’ll be staying!

    Premier Icon jekkyl

    Love to shift into the big ring and kick it up, eat my dust single and double ringers!

    Been 1×8 since December, 34 chainring and 11-30 cassette, can’t remember the last time i used the 30 and today I used the 26 for the first time in ages to get up the final few metres of Woodmill Lane’s climb.

    Thought about upgrading several times to 9/10/11- speed, but i always ended up keeping the status quo because of the £120+ layout on top of all the other pocket money I’ve spent on bike bits since getting this Wazoo, when money is almost too tight to mention!


    Thought it was only me left 😆

    3 X 10 on my Giant Anthem X29er, and KTM Aera Comp 29er (22/30/40T).

    I actively look for 3×10 on a new bike and see it as a big positive. Gives more gear options and way faster on long road rides, commuting, eats really steep climbs etc. The ground clearance thing is mm and not an issue.


    3 x 9 here and riding 2001 Marin wolf ridge if it ain’t broke an all that! Carry on 😆

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    Haven’t been 3x since ’05.

    Premier Icon ads678

    Really unfashionable road 3×9 on my Planet X London Road!!
    2×10 on my Cotic Solaris.
    1×10 on my Commencal Meta AM.

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    3×9 on commute rigid 26″ mtb. On the big ring, with drive side arm at 3 o-clock, the bunch of teeth around 6 o-clock are shorter than all the others due to the clearance problem (which isn’t really a problem). The big ring has so many teeth that a few worn teeth have no effect.

    3×10 on FS, not so reliable on rear.

    Front derailleurs can be quite loose and rattly with wear and still work reliably, rear derailleurs not so (esp 10spd). Might look to see if I can reduce the wobble with a shim somewhere on it (but may not be pos).


    1 bike now. 3 x 9

    tried all the new stuff. shyte imho.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I’m off to Betws y Coed tomorrow on 2×9. One mate is on his Titus with 3×9 and the other is on a hire bike because his Transition Scout carbon with Sram Eagle 1×12 was ordered too late to be ready. You could buy a (very nice) car for that!

    Premier Icon teesoo

    3×9 suits me fine. It lasts well and I’d probably miss my granny gear sometimes on the really steep long climbs.

    Premier Icon oink1

    3×9 (well, 2 and a bash guard) on the 456. XT with LX cranks. See no reason to change it 🙂

    Yup full suss 3×9 Alivio super slick shifting since 2015 has had a new chain in 2016
    Hardtail 3×10 Slx/Deore mix, no problems.

    May get a new full suss next year so might change.


    Only went 3×9 because I couldn’t get a new 8sp Xt shifter. After listening to 1x systems grumbling all day in the workstand, i’m not sure I could inflict such crapawful chainlines on my own bikes, nor could I put up with the chain-drop when back pedalling to clear obstacles (in the real world obviously, not some fantasy land that 1x’ers have created) that seems to afflict a lot of these set ups.


    3×9 here, ‘cept for one 3×6, with enough spares on the shelf to remain 3×9 for some time. Ain’t broke, won’t fix.


    I found a front mech in a spares box last week does that count (it might have been 2x though)

    After listening to 1x systems grumbling all day in the workstand, i’m not sure I could inflict such crapawful chainlines on my own bikes,

    me neither, got one that doesn’t do that.

    nor could I put up with the chain-drop when back pedalling to clear obstacles (in the real world obviously, not some fantasy land that 1x’ers have created) that seems to afflict a lot of these set ups.

    Glad mine doesn’t do that either.

    Think I got rid of the last 9sp about 4 years ago finally, the 10sp only lasted 18 months before 11 filled the gap.

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    I don’t care,
    I’m still free,
    You can’t my M960 from me!

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