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  • Just had a crap phone call from the eldest :(
  • No real point to this post btw

    Of course there is mate. Nothing wrong with venting.

    I’m willing to bet lots of us are where we are without a plan B. Your lad has lots of time to get things right once he’s sorted. He’s still so young. Of course, none of this will be of any comfort to him…but you and I both know don’t we? I’m sure the training he’s had will have taught him a maturity and discipline that none of his peers have.

    He’ll be reet. You know he will. He doesn’t and you probably won’t be able to convince him so just give him time and lots of ears.


    You’re supposed to have a plan? 😳

    Drifted through sixth form, drifted through uni, drifted into the police and out again then drifted into programming. At no point did I plan these things, but life’s worked out for me, and I’m sure it’ll work out for your lad

    You were a bizzie for a while nbt? 😯

    I knew there was something dodgy…couldn’t quite put my finger on it. 🙂


    To be fair to him who has a plan B ?
    I struggle with plan A to be honest.

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    You were a bizzie for a while nbt?

    I knew there was something dodgy…couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

    Maybe that’s it dd. I could get him to join Avon and Somersets finest and harrass intensively police you

    Premier Icon ton

    sorry to hear that mate, hopefully he will get it sorted in the time scale.
    my eldest has just gone back to mainstream after 12 weeks on rehab with a busted foot, he also was told it looked like he was gonna be md.

    fingers crossed for him and you mate.

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    I haven’t got a plan A!

    Hope he gets it sorted, not over yet. Is there any discharge support available for him? I’ve heard various good and bad comments on this but I’ve no idea if he’d be eligible if he hasn’t graduated

    I was going to suggest the bizzies, but he seems such a nice lad from how you describe him… 😉


    Got to 6th form study towards something else keep the fitness apply to join the army or carry on to uni then apply for sandhurst. If still not recovered or fit enough he should of had enough experience of the world to find something else by then. I didnt join the army till i was 25 it dosnt need to be the 1st job you have. Can be a benefit to have experienced life as a civi bedore you join.

    My sis wanted to join up but has a hearing problem so couldnt. Went to college had ops to fix it did more education going down road of nursing. Hearing never got fixed enough to join up but found a different carear and is loving what she does.

    Sorry to hear the news.
    Could he look at something in civilian services – Paramedic?

    I know this will not be a lot of comfort but I have shown this to my 16 yr old who is obsessively heading towards fast jets, we have had long discussions re the attrition rate but he is single minded about it. Hope fully your lads story may just help him to realise getting qualified before joining up may be a good idea.

    Hope both your lads mend fast and sufficiently to carry on.


    Surely there are lots of jobs he could step into, without being an actual gung ho fighter.


    I struggle with plan A to be honest.

    Plan A? Nobody told me about that! 🙁

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    Could he look at something in civilian services – Paramedic?

    I actually suggested this to him some months back. At the minute he’s set on getting well and getting back in as an adult. Hopefully he will make it

    He’s clearly a ‘get up and go’ kind of lad so how about something within the outdoor industry?
    I worked as a climbing, high ropes, mountain biking and kayak instructor for a few years and had a great time.
    With the experience he has from the forces so far I would think he already has the skills to walk into an instructor role.

    Could keep him interested?

    if he’s dead set on joining the army,get fixed keep fit do his a levels at sixth form then get sponsored through uni by the army auto(if he passes) in after uni,sandhurst for 6 months or so then in as a Rupert for 3years min jobs a good un if that’s what he wants 🙂

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    Some of you may be aware that my eldest lad is at the army training college in Harrogate. It’s all he’s wanted to do since he was about 12 and he’s really been flourishing and from what his company commander tells us he was made for the army.

    He’s been struggling with an injury and had minor surgery in August which it was hoped would remedy things but it hasn’t. He’s just returned from a 3 day exercise during which he has collapsed in agony with an apparent recurrence of the problem. His Major has basically sat him down today and told him that he is going back to see his consultant on Tuesday but if further surgery is required then he should start thinking about his plan B (life outside the armed forces) because he will be too old to graduate from the college once has has recuperated. So effectively he’s been told that he is likely to be medically discharged in the coming weeks.

    Problem is, he hasn’t got one! Despite my best efforts he has never had a back up plan and he is devastated. We will be looking into getting him treatment once he’s home and obviously his health is the most important thing but he is devastated and I’m already worrying about how I’m going to keep him motivated.

    No real point to this post btw


    This happened to my brother during his marine’s training. He was medically discharged with the possibility of going back in when he sorted his shoulder out.

    He never went back and has always regretted it. Tell your lad to get sorted and have another crack at it.

    Good luck to him.

    Is there nothing else he can do within the Army or does he only want to serve in the fighting arm?? I know there is another tranche of redundancies coming, but they are still recruiting into both regulars and reserves so there should be opportunities. Has he looked at the other armed services or is the Army his only option/desire??

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    University -> defence industry + Terrortorials. Works for several guys I know. I’ve been in defence for 30 years, it’s interesting, varied and challenging.


    Get your lad into something half decent in civies, then once the injury is properly sorted, get him on to the SRR cadres as they are recruiting from civie street now, previous failed attempts at cic won’t count. Don’t listen to the normal recruiting guys, get on the phone to the regiment. It will mean some serious fitness is required, but they will look for people with life experience..

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    I wouldn’t write his career off just yet. Worse case could he not join as an adult soldier once recovered ?
    I currently instruct at the AFC and to be honest if he’s keen and willing, they may well keep him(age dependant) there’s not very much he actually has to “pass” in order to stay there, injury type dependant of course.
    If I can help in any way or you want any advice, pm me, I’ll see what I can do!

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    [Fast} healing vibes to your lad.
    And whats this “Plan B” thing then… 😕

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    At the minute he’s set on getting well and getting back in as an adult. Hopefully he will make it

    This has to be Plan B … he should listen to the doctors plus get another specialist opion (even if he has to pay for it). Note sure what the injury / complaint is but he should get the right advice and treatment and really focus on the rehab. He needs to curb his enthusiasm to get back as soon as possible and make sure he’s right, perhaps he came back a bit too soon, easily done.

    Fingers crossed for him.

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    My brother was several years into the navy, he loved it, had turned him from a bit of a dosser gave him confidence and an appreciation of how tough others have it.

    He had an anaphylactic reaction while on base, had to have adrenalin shot etc
    So after a few months on base they ended up chucking him out

    For a while he was very down and angry and didn’t have a clue what to do
    Eventually he did get over it used some of his electrical training to get a job and is just about to qualify as a sparky and wants to start his own business

    It did take him a while but I think the personal discipline he got in the navy eventually helped him sort it out
    He did pile on the pounds at first tho!

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    Nephew trained at Harrogate, joined the Paras at 17, got MD’d due to stress fractures and ligament damage in his foot. Bummed about for 2 years. Rejoined and is now out in Afgan. Due home in 4 weeks.

    It can work out for your boy OP. If he does MD out then he can do his A levels, Uni and the rejoin as an officer. Then not have to work for a living! 😉


    Without knowing any of the details of his injury, I reckon it’s unlikely that this the last opportunity he’ll have to join the Army if that’s what he wants. Sometimes, an individual who sustains an injury in training is better off taking time out (I’m talking years, not weeks) to get themselves sorted properly before reapplying. As you know, Harrogate’s for the young guys and girls; Pirbright’s for the 17+ all the way up to late 20’s. Unless the injury means he’s barred from ever reapplying (and it will say so in his discharge paperwork), he’s got plenty of time to get himself sorted and reapply but go into Pirbright.

    Just to add a bit of credence to what I say above, I’ve just finished as a Phase 1 instructor at Pirbright and took over 150 recruits through training in 2012/13 and have seen quite a few guys sustain injuries and bounce back.

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    Cheers all, particularly Alpha1653 and Jonny m. I will show him this when he’s home!

    Jonny m – Ygm mate.


    Failing all else is there a space in the TA that would be of interest. Maybe with some form of outdoor career?

    “His Major” may not necessarily be the best person to advise him on his future – that would be a serving careers officer.

    I went to Harrogate (1980!) but didn’t graduate – I was then sent to Catterick and completed my training there, after which I went on to serve a full career.

    As disappointed as I was not to graduate, it wasn’t the end of the world. Another option for your son may well be to be discharged, and reapply as an adult soldier in a few years time when his injury has healed.

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    tell him welcome to reality and suck it up..like the rest of us….nothing else for it but to get on with it.


    ****. Its not worsecase yet though and if it is its not his fault (key IMO).

    My plan A was the armed forces. I still went onto Uni, met a great girl and stayed out of trouble.


    Good luck Bregante. I hope he recuperates quickly. My son is in the Air Cadets and loves it, I know he would be devastated if he had to give that up.

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