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  • Just got me a Chumba VF2 – opinions??
  • dipper

    just an update for those debating 32's or 36's, coil or air.

    I started off with 36 Floats and RP23. the frame works well(better than expected) with 36's however some sort of travel adjust would be benificial. swapping to the 32 van QR15, i feel the front a bit low but handling and ride quality is spot on. If i had enough steerer length I could add 1" of spacers but I dont!

    the RP23 was ok but lacking compared to what i've been used to(CCDB shod Nicolai Helius FR). Swapped to a Stendec tuned Roco TSTR and the bikes tansformed.Up or down the suspension is spot on.

    In summary, if I was speccing the bike from new(instead of from a pile of bits lying about the workshop!) I'd probably opt for 36 talas(or maybe float set at 140mm) and a decent coil with some form of switchable platform damping(or even better a CCDB). oh and stick on a big wide bar also and maybe a 70>80mm stem

    As for classification, i'd put it firmly in the AM bracket. it'll no doubt do 27lb XC but it suits 30>32lb in AM guise very well. 😀

    @dipper : you couldn't keep up with my incredible rock descending prowess however 😀


    sorry dipper, disagree with you about the VF2.. I know it's over built for XC / trail, but the XCL surely is better suited to AM??

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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