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  • Just got an xbox 360, now what must have games to get?
  • meeeee

    So just got a second hand 360, no idea what the best games are. I used to play on one about 7 years ago and enjoyed stuff like halo 3, half life, tomb raider, call of duty 2 (didn’t really get into the modern warfare one) guitar hero.

    Anyway in the past 7 years there must be loads of games I’ve missed so what are must play titles that can be picked up cheaply?

    Think I’ll get gta 5 as heard lots about that, but open to any other suggestions.

    Also loved portal, so will probably get portal 2.

    So recommend away…

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    Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are both pretty cool if you like open-world type stuff.

    I just bought an Xbox One to play Fallout 4…


    Gta V
    Far cry 3
    Red dead redemption
    Arkham Asylum

    That should get you started


    Red Dead Redemption is a must!
    Gears of War Trilogy

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    Definitely portal 2, one of the finest games ever conceived

    I like puzzle games so I’m limited on the boys xboxing, but I’d also recommend LANoire. It’s what GTA would have been for smart people 🙂

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    Dead space
    Alien isolation

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    Dead Space 2

    (The first is good but 2 is waaay better)

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    All of the portal games, trials 1, GTA5, call of duty black ops and all the halo.


    For me the must haves are mass effect 1,2 and 3. Skyrim, fallout 3, tomb raider, far cry 3, dues ex, red dead redemption. Guitar hero seeing as you liked that before, rocksmith if you fancy trying to learn guitar or bass for real.


    Borderlands series are brilliant, should be able to get GOTY editions that will come with all the extras for not much money. Good replay value too.

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    Portal 2 is just a great puzzle.

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    the Bioshocks

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    Red Dead redemption. Get the GotY edition if you can.

    Life is Strange.

    Tomb Raider.

    Three best titles of that gen; you can thank me later.

    if you’re trawling the Arcade, Limbo and Braid.



    Battlefield 4 can be had dirt cheap and is quality n multiplayer

    Trials hd
    Trials evolution (best in my opinion)
    Trials fusion

    Great physics game easy to pick up and play for 5 mins then realise 2 hours have passed!!

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    +1 for Battlefield 4.
    Portal 2 is one of the funniest games I’ve played, really entertaining.


    GTA V is a monster of a game so check you have the HD space to install.
    COD Black OPs 2 – worth it for the Zombies
    Plants V Zombies Garden Warfare: Kiddy FPS but great fun.
    Limbo (arcade): saying nothing – just get it!
    Trails HD/Evo – fusion isn’t great tbh
    Orange Box (HL2 + Portal).
    Portal 2
    Fifa 2015
    Minecraft (looks crap – it’s really not)
    Halo 4


    wave your life away with

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


    argos where doing battlefield 4 for £1.89 its a cracking game , forza is good although not impressed with 6 on the xbox one


    you get free games as well if you subscribe to xbox live

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