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  • Just for Postierich. Another example of how good posties are.
  • Well done.

    You've discovered that an organisation which employs almost a quarter of a million people plus, an untold amount of temporary staff over christmas, and delivers 100 million items of mail per day, had someone working for them 4 years ago who stole/didn't do their job properly.

    I'm sure that no other company/organisation in Britain, comes anywhere near this appalling state of affairs 🙄


    Agree, I want to see another example. I'd put up a pic of the mail by my front door, but frankly I can't be arsed.


    Whilst royal mail is very convenient, they do need to be looked at and have a few things changed. As in the next decade or so email and such like really will kill a lot of there business.

    Premier Icon guido

    Posting that will probably give them another strike excuse!

    Not just Manchester

    Although I agree with Ernie in that they do employ a hell of a lot of people so a few bad eggs will crop up from time to time I wonder how many more have never been caught?

    Yes it happens every now and again.

    But then there's some doctors who kill their patients through incompetence ……. and sometimes even deliberately.

    Does that mean all doctors are murders and the NHS should be scrapped ?

    But doctors don't go knocking on doors at Xmas with their hands out wanting a tax free payment for doing their job, do they?

    Ah I see your point ChatsworthMusters.

    Therefore, incompetent doctors are fine then.

    I hadn't seen it that way ………. thanks 8)

    You don't have to pay them you know..we don't live in Cuba !
    However you do have to pay your NI contributions whether they try and kill you or not !

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    we would always seek to prosecute the tiny minority of staff who abuse their position of trust."


    Doctors earn plenty, no? Plus, I've NEVER had that happen to me.

    Is postierich to be held accountable for all the postmen that are dishonest?


    burn the rich 😉


    i wish they'd put their prices up. They could solve their pensions problem and in the process hopefully remove some of the countless pieces of wasted trees that are sent to me and immediately go in the bin household recycling point

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    Tails, the rise of Ebay and Amazon, plus numerous other on-line emporia has been the saving of RM post operations. E-mail will help remove he less profitable letter post. It's very difficult to get that CRC chainset through the modem!

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    And how are the proposed "modernisation" plans going to tackle cases like this?

    Please explain.

    On Wednesday I was at the park with my kids. Up rolls the postie, not the normal one the stand in one, and asks one of the other parents there 'Do you know who lives at such and such address?', which was me. I'd left a post it on the front door telling my daughter that we were at the park, so he's come round the village just to bring me my parcel. Not a massive hardship for him but still very good I thought. The usual postie drops my parcels in at work for me if there's no one home.

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    Ours always does his best to deliver stuff – putting it in the shed etc. All three posties are good to have a chat to – they often pop in to check on the house bound lady up the road. They get a Christmas bottle of something despite insisting there's no need.

    Maybe it depends where you live and how you treat them?

    The argument seems to be that everybody else has had to put up with an erosion of conditions/pay at work, because that's how things are made efficient/profitable – so posties/firemen/whoever had better shut up.

    Well beyond the thin end of the wedge. The health and well being of a nation requires people to be gainfully employed, taking pride in their work and feeling appreciated for it. Without that, you'd better pimp your handcart and head 'downstairs'

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    Is postierich to be held accountable for all the postmen that are dishonest?
    I don't see why not. Lynch mob anyone?

    My postie dropped a parcel off at 7.55 this morning (on a saturday!) and then performed the most excellant postie van wheel spin as he left!
    Style 6/10
    Entertainment value 10/10

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