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  • iolo

    The lightest stuff you can buy second hand.

    Was gonna buy a SLX or Deore Groupset and Reba RL 120mm forks but need suggestions on wheels, tyres (good all rounders) and bar and stem.

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    Under 30lbs shouldn’t be too much of a chore… 130mm forks will work well with that frame too (assuming it’s a fairly recent one?), broadens the options a bit.

    Forks: Probably Rebas, Sektors or Revs. Don’t rule out old Revs, they’re light and still perform well and can be very cheap
    Wheels: Just seek out something sensible, don’t tie yourself down to particular models.
    Everything else: Maybe just go direct to a Deore groupset for £275?

    TBH if I had £600 to buy a Fury, I’d probably just buy a Fury!

    It’s a 2010 one the white one. I bought it as my Current Carrera Vulcans a heavy beast and I think too big (20 inch)I’m 5ft 10 and been using a 18 inch Cannodale and tried a 18 inch fury which felt nice. But instead of swapping heavy bits from my Vulcan I wanna build it up fairly light. Budget isn’t strict as I’m gonna take my time. 130mm forks would be nice. Maybe do a 1 x 10 setup.

    Will mainly be a xc and trail centre bike.

    Just bought a frame a 18 inch Carrera Fury frame. Got a budget of say £600 and aiming to get it weighing under 13kg and I want to run 120mm forks. Any suggestions on how and what to SPEC it with.

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    SS will keep it nice and light, cheaper too. 😉

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    120mm Rebas. Older 130mm dual NON U-TURN air Revs are like rocking hoss fecis, probably because they are bloody ace. One of the best forks RS have done IMO.
    New Deore groupset or pick up nearly new kit off here.
    Wheels, some bargain Pro2 sets out there, now these fangled bigger sizes are popularis.
    I’ve a pair of 2.25 EVO Nobby Nics if your after tyres, both little used.

    For that budget you should be able to put together a very decent bike indeed.

    Anyone got a link to some decent pro 2 wheels. Will 130mm forks be ok on the frame.
    Also if I use a deore Groupset what weight should I expect from the bike? Not sure on frame weight yet. Pick it up later.
    Also good all round tyres any suggestions?


    I’d get some second hand Hope Pro2 wheels from the classifieds. As long as the rim is fine, the whole hub is serviceable. I paid £180 for my HP2 on Mavic819 UST tubeless rims in mint condition 2 years ago – still going strong and I’m 95kg

    Dunno what you paid for the frame, but there’s a complete hardly used one on the Bay for £399

    Carrera Fury

    Assuming you’ve not paid more than £100 on the frame, I’d still think there were better options for your cash


    Also if I use a deore Groupset what weight should I expect from the bike?

    Deore is good quality kit – fit and forget for the most part. A little heavy perhaps, but who cares?

    As for wheels, Hope are ace, but a little expensive. I have used Mavic Crossrides for years with no problems – £180 on CRC.

    Frame cost me £20 with a Altus crankset.

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