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  • Just bought a Cove Stiffee what forks queston
  • Hi guys

    Just bought an immaculate Cove Stiffee frame but was wondering what fork?

    Thinking about 140mm RS Pikes or Fox talas but would appreciate some suggestions. Really want to steer clear of QR so would prefer a maxle however I notice that getting straihht steerers is becoming a tad difficult.

    Any help or advice on this or other finishing kit would be great



    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    i ran mine with a 130mm z1 freeride 3 and it was spot on, only thing it didnt have was a lockout but i didn’t miss it. real fit and forget stuff, made in italy marzocchi goodness.

    i still have the fork, and it’s for sale if that interests…

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    I got Pike coil u-turn on mine, set to 140mm with lockout.

    Seems perfect to me. Get some Pikes 🙂

    Premier Icon accu

    run mine with old pikes 140mm…perfect for me,
    used to run old marz z1 150mm before,
    but for general use I prefer pikes

    Thanks guys

    Guess they’ll (Pikes) have to be secondhand?


    Definitely go U-turn – Pikes sound great. Ran 130mm Marz Drop Offs on my first one – rode like a riot but climbs were tough (I’m guessing that the a to c would be similar to Pikes at 140mm). More recently I’ve built up a more x/c biased ride with 120mm Recons – pretty much perfect do-it-all set-up.

    Thanks All,

    Have popped an add up on the ‘Wanted’ section

    Any leads for old stock or on other platforms gratefully received! 😆


    Big Pete

    454 u turn air pikes are spot on. U turn is handy for climbing as stiffee is a bit wandery on the ups.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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