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  • spooky_b329

    I can’t see the pic…

    Are the rear seats like the existing Civic, i.e. cinema style where the base folds up to the backrest, or have they got new cleverness?


    The rear space in the Civic is very, very good.

    I had lots of other issues with mine (mostly electrical) but it was an early model and I belive they have mostly been resolved.


    Must be like the old ones then, you just lift them up and they click into place.

    Premier Icon al2000

    Wheel off?

    I’ve seen someone get a fully built Norco DH Team into a Civic which was pretty impressive. Didn’t see them get it out again, mind.


    Been in the market for a new car for months now. And within my criteria this new style Civic 2.2 diesel is fantastic.
    Tried all the usual suspects, Golf, series 1, A3 was even strongly drawn to a Mini, but this is head and shoulders above those on just about every level.
    Fuel economy is about as good as I’ll get, but it has very surprising performance as well. Best of both worlds.
    Build quality from an initial perspective is also way above it’s German counterparts.
    I’m placing my order Tuesday.
    Here’s the clincher, seats that fold towards the boot as well as forward, wheel off and roll it in ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have the 2008 spec and have been very pleased with it. I know some people had issues with premature clutch wear but never been a problem for me.
    I’ll be certainly looking at test driving the new one when the time comes to replace my current one.

    Enjoy. ๐Ÿ˜€

    You really are an oldgit if your looking at a Civic, do you where a cap to! ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kenny Senior

    do you where a cap to

    Confused. Is this a gangster/bullet reference, or are you enquiring into his choice of headwear?


    Ya cheeky bugger. It’s pretty nifty, my slippers nearly flew off.

    Seriously though my 57 plate 320 M Sport has just gone. This 2.2 isn’t too shonkey when you put your foot down.

    Confused. Is this a gangster/bullet reference, or are you enquiring into his choice of headwear?

    Nah most senior citizen Honda Civic drivers I see seem to where caps,meant to be a light hearted comment ๐Ÿ™„

    Kenny Senior

    I know it was, so was mine ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Do they still have that extra boot under the boot? That always appealed to me.

    Premier Icon bigad40

    Hondas are cool, had one on our list before we bought a Skoda Octavia estate.
    Lots of room, swallows bikes whole with the seats down. Comfy. Frugal.
    Theres even one with a golf gti engine in it or a fast diesel.

    My Brother has a 2.2 TD as a company car and he hates it .
    He does about 30k business miles a year . The Civic is tiresome to drive compared to a Passat ( my B5 , his B6 ) Tramlines on sily 45 profile tyres. Potholes are a nightmare as well . And pray you never have a puncture .
    He has complained to the company and tried to get a different car , to no avail , as they got consultants to choose the fleet . So they chose a 2.2 with a more expensive pence per mile allowance than a sub 2.0.
    The point and squirt handling is great , they are fast and almost economical . Dual climate is great too , as is the folding seat squabs.
    However , as a long distance lugger probably not the best .
    The choice is all yours .


    06 plate 2.2 diesel here. Remarkable space in the back. Seats down, bike in, no problem. Good performance and/or economy too. Felt a bit flimsy compared to previous VW’s. Also had lots of niggley problems – tho’ may have been ironed out in later models.


    The choice is all yours

    This is it. The BMW was without doubt a superb car, but I was disappointed. Not in it, but in the way it meshed with my work and lifestyle.

    Felt a bit flimsy compared to previous VW’s

    Having test driven like for like pound note wise I’d say the tables have turned. The 2012 model is quite a bit different to the previous versions.


    Jesus F C – almost ยฃ25k for a 1.8 Petrol SOHC Manual car , only pumping out 142 PSI and a 0-60 in 9.6 seconds. No thanks.

    I have owned two civics and loved them both, but either I am out of touch with new car prices, or these do not look like very good value for money against a Golf Mk6 or an Audi A3?


    I’ve got a 2.2 es
    Love it

    Test drove the new one last month
    Styling a bit meh, engine & suspension were great
    Dash looked messy vs my civic
    And I hate the fact the triangle exhaust and door handle details
    have been binned ;-(

    They can be a bit jittery on 17’s
    But great cars to own and lovely engines
    Reasonably economic too

    I’d buy another Honda in a heartbeat
    unless I could afford a Volvo xc60 d5 awd lol

    Premier Icon JohnClimber


    Get the Mini Countryman as you first thought.

    I had Civic D (now a Countryman Cooper D) and it wasn’t as ecomonical as the book said (they never are), if the seats fold up like the last one they are great for meduim framed bikes without the front wheels but nothing bigger.
    Also don’t got for bigger than the basic alloy wheels as it was the most unconfortable car I’ve ever owned/driven.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I’d have bought one (a 07-08 ish one) if there’d been one around at the dealers in my price range. Loved the car. However people are complaining about the economy.. I ended up with a Passat and I love that. I get 55mpg on motorways, it’s auto, and brilliant at motorway cruising which is what it gets used for almost all the time. Also it tows caravans rather well, I’d have been very limited with choice of van if I had got the civic.

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