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  • Just been hard stopped on the M62
  • Premier Icon P-Jay

    I guess that once a 240i has made a dash for it it’s a bit late to try to get some diesel saloons in front of it

    The problem for the 240i driving getaway driver is that the M62 isn’t a race track, it’s a motorway, plus the Police have lots of cars and Helicopters. According to ‘Cop Car Workshop’ (yep, a real TV programme) the Police use 330d and 530d, they might be theoretically a little slower than the Police cars, but it’s not going to disappear in a cloud of dust not to be seen again, even on the worlds longest drag strip, it might pull away a bit, but it’s only going to run into a few more down the road.

    Criminals mostly just drive as dangerously as possible that the Police give up for their sake and the sake of the public, well they let the Helicopter follow them anyway.

    Premier Icon scuttler

    It’s not a ‘helicopter’ it’s Zulu-donkey-nine-nine or Treacle-seven-zero and it provides specialist ground teams with a proactive force multiplier. And I’ll bet you didn’t know it had infra red cameras to spot baddies in the dark. Hard-stop, soft-stop. Do you lot never watch this shit on the telly?

    Premier Icon Alex

    I know Nick. He’s a shifty looking fella- not surprised he was pulled over 🙂


    Exciting police chase on the M61 a couple of weeks back in the middle of the day. Some loon in an old black Clio swerving in and out of all the traffic, up the hard shoulder etc. Closely followed by the rozzers with blue lights. Can’t imagine he got far!

    If that was the last week in March then I was on that motorway at the same time. Came razzing down the hard shoulder being chased by at least 3 police.

    Premier Icon bails

    550d is fractionally quicker to 60 than 240i, X5 50d fractionally slower, police pursuit drivers generally pretty handy too…

    But are they in 550ds and X5 50ds?

    Either way, why have a high speed pursuit when you can just block the scumbag/innocent member of the public in and get them to stop straight away?

    Leaving guns in the car? That’s a loss of license isn’t it?

    No. Firearms act requires you keep guns secure and prevent access to them by unauthorised persons. The law doesn’t define “secure”. Leaving guns temporarily unattended out of sight in a locked vehicle is acceptable. Home office guidance suggests, but doesn’t mandate that it is good practice to remove a part of the gun necessary for functioning if you have to do this.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Can I just politely suggest to all those of a Smurfmatt – ish* tenancy:

    there seems to me at least pretty much no way of not getting stopped in one of these manoeuvres. The patrol X5 in front of me pretty much stood it on its nose he was braking so hard and I missed ramming it by literally inches, the cars immediately behind and to my left where in place in seconds, far far faster than I could do anything constructive to get away even if I’d wanted to.

    *I know a lot of you are joshing…

    Premier Icon boobs

    So it must be you! You managed to blag it when we were tracked by the police helicopter with its spotlight on us many years ago.

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