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  • Just been dumped…cheer me up!
  • Ti29er

    Oh to be 20 something again!

    It will scar you for life.
    It did me.


    Just read the end bit "..cheer me up!"
    Insert a 😉 into the above reply


    God I'm glad I broke up with one gf as she was a nutter.

    Sometimes it wasn't meant to be.

    Spend time with yourself and friends and a new start.

    If you ever want a new GF just make sure you have the same values.

    Life can be hectic-makes the lonelyness seem trivel and you have 'Me' time to reflect the pros and cons.

    Life is too short-go have some fun!

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Treat yourself:
    New bike, big telly, console, – you know the sort of thing. Spend twice what you would have spent on her over a year. You know it makes sense.

    Don't forget to:
    A) Remove her number from your 'phone immediately – grovelling / swearing rarely works, and a restraining order is soooo 2009.
    B) Destroy "those" photos before you get drunk and show them to your mates/post them on the net.

    Get yourself booked onto the prospective STW 'Singles' ride, cos looking at a bunch of hairy, middle aged, overweight IT spods should convince you that you have far more of a chance of pulling than they have(and I'm sure you'll meet some really nice women as well).


    a bunch of hairy, middle aged, overweight IT spods

    Oi, do you mind!?

    I'm not hairy.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Yeah, I would guess that. for a man it's usually "I'm not ready for commitment"

    Probably yeah.

    Both literally mean "look, you were alright for a shag, but I wouldn't want to have to pass up a better opportunity because I was with you now would I!"… Again, cynical, moi?

    The one and only time I ever dumped a girl though, I actually used the truth! Which made her feel awful for about 3 months it would seem… Oops! Still, we're good mates now, and besides, she now bats for us so I feel less guilty for having dumped her in the first place…

    Still, I believe in karma and all that. Better to be open and honest withe people, one day it will be rewarded.


    It is really hard though, to find kind words to say something which is obviously going to hurt the other person. To make things worse, when I get nervous I giggle, which is not the right thing to do at all…


    I've never used the 'its not you its me' line

    But have had the 'not ready to commit' one thrown at me.

    Bottom line – Being single is fun!

    Give yourself time to discover who you really are and what you really want from life/love. DON'T settle for second best. Be true to you!

    Good luck x


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Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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