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    Anyone make their own stuff up regularly? There has been a few folks at work bringing some in, some for health others for weight loss. One guy gets two bottles his wife has made up and he has no idea what is in them, rather amusing to watch his expression as to whether its a goodun or not, like the Revels advert. I think there has been a slight resurgence due to Jamie Oliver mentioning it. I had one years ago and sacked it after not too long a time, PITA to clean the machine, though my curiosity has been piqued again.

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    Wife has one. 2 mins to make a drink. 3 hours to clean the machine….

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    We used to make some Sunday mornings after a night out. Cost a fortune in ingredients.

    We do keep some berries in the freezer should the mood take us.

    Used to love apple, carrot and ginger, yum yum.


    We have one and tend to use it most days. Cost of ingredients can be steep but if you use stuff like carrots it helps keep costs down. We have a Sage juicer and cleaning only takes 5 mins.
    Definitely feel better for it and have had no colds etc since starting using it in August.


    2 mins to make a drink. 3 hours to clean the machine

    Just like winter mtb riding then? 2 hour ride and 4 hours to clean the machine.



    what studag said

    I use 5 of the following


    then usually some ginger and say some pineapple

    Makes about 1 litre so not that cheap but I cannot do shop bought after trying it.

    Not a massive fan of veg but I have done it as well

    Its a pain to clean if you dont do it straight away

    Might as well just eat some fruit though !

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