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  • Bat1

    Sl&g IMHO


    just got in and turned the tv on and she appeared….bbc just now

    WTF she looks like a total freak!!!!


    Go on, say what you really think.

    Seems quite a bright lass IMO, really rich from doing **** all – beats working for a living.


    If there's one thing that capures the zeitgeist of UK culture it's her 🙄

    Everything I would not want in a woman, all in one package.

    It must take some work to come up with a ludicrous "story" about her/her family/mates for the Daily Star every morning.

    Her children will be so proud when they look back at time when mummy left daddy and told the world about her sexual antics with a cross dressing cage fighter.

    And what sort of bloke would want to go near her when this particular publicity-seeking arrangement inevitably fizzles out?

    Not with someone else's 10ft stunt cock.

    Premier Icon edd

    My sister is dating the junior lawyer representing her in the divorce. Interesting stories…


    All the usual comments aside and I am not a Jordan fan.

    But for some weird reason, I did think she came across quite well in that book promoting interview 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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