Jon Brookes The Charlatans has died.

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  • Jon Brookes The Charlatans has died.
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    Bloody hell. One of my favourite all time bands, and the soundtrack to my youth. First Rob Collins, now Jon. RIP Jon.

    First charlatans single I bought…


    Wish I still had it!

    Oh man. that is truly gutting. 🙁 Thoughts to his family.

    My favourite band of the the 90’s, Up to Our Hips was and still is, IMO, their best album,.

    Saw them live at the Shepard’s Bush Empire many moons ago, bloody fantastic live. They opened up with Forever, which almost bought the house down.



    Lived down the road from me,a real shame ……


    That’s rather disappointing.


    Sad indeed. Charlatans were a massive band for me back in the day, and one that I’ve continued to follow ever since.

    Shame. Was listening them on them on the iPod this morning, then I read the news 🙁

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    Won’t mean a lot to many of you but as a fan of the band since almost the beginning this is dreadful news. Down to earth and genuine guy each time I met him and also to my mind one of the truly great British drummers of his era.

    A local hero of mine and a loss to his family and friends.

    BBC link here.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Woody, I’ve got that Indian Rope 12″ – one from the original release. Also got the re-issued CD too. Happy to rip it as it is unavailable. Let me me know if you want it?

    Was playing Up To Our Hips on the way in – might go for that era b-sides on the way home… Stir It Up and Only a Boho sound appealing right now…

    Emac65. You’re not that far from me – I’m going out for an evening ride around Sutton Park with my bro and a couple of drinks after, you may hear some slightly drunken singing… I am jumping off the wagon to raise a glass for Jon.


    That is sad as it always is when someone young like that dies.

    I was surprised by this in the article though:

    One of the band’s best known songs, The Only One I Know, reached number nine in the UK singles chart in 1990

    Only 9!?

    Premier Icon DezB

    Sad news.
    I’ve got the Indian Rope 12 too, but this will always be my fave Charlatans track… not just for the wonderful organ riff


    That’s sad news indeed.
    A great drummer and always impressive when seen live.
    The heart of the band
    I will be running through a compilation of tunes later with Sproston Green to finish as always.

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