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  • Joining coaxial cable outside…
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    About 10 years ago, we had a sky dish fitted outside. We are on Virgin cable now, so I am getting rid of the dish (we haven’t used it for years).

    I have a spare virgin HD box, which I would like to put in the garage, which we are turning into a gym.

    The brown wire from the old sky dish still comes into the house, at the back of the telly. It would be useful if I could use the existing length (it’s already routed through the awkward bits, and fixed to the wall). Would it be possible to join the cable outside…and is there any difference between old sky brown cable, and new virgin had cable?

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    the cables will be the same. RG6 is available in brown or black. older aerials were installed with brown. virgin use black.
    2 x coax plugs and 1 x coax couple taped well with self amalg tape, will be fine.

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    That’s great Ton, cheers

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