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  • Joe Lycett on Laura Kuensberg – genius!
  • dissonance
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    Also didn’t know who she is, but got strong Trump aide vibes.

    Odd that.
    Cleo Watson. Worked in No10 as special advisor to Dominic Cummings and got the boot a couple of weeks after he did.

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    I guess the DM and readership are in the same boat as us liberal lefty twits really – they find it impossible to see the other side’s viewpoint. I know I do. Even down to thinking “liberal” or “leftie” are some kind of insult.

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    We can’t have people not playing the game…

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    Wouldn’t that be a terrible shame.

    That was my first thought ..

    Well Andrew Neil is pretty open about being right wing and both Boris and Liz ducked out of being interviewed by him. I don’t think it’s anything to do with being right or left wing, they just don’t want to be shown up by a tough interviewer who won’t let them off the hook.

    Edit. Whatever else we might think of Rishi (which to be clear is not very much) at least he was quizzed by Andrew Neil.

    Not according to Ben Shapiro …

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    Andrew Neil was going to offer Ben Shapiro a job but he didn’t know how to play the game and screwed up his interview.

    He didn’t realise that RW journalists in the UK play the devil’s advocate, whilst in the States they just play the devil.

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    best thing is, he didn’t even say anything funny. just held up a mirror..

    This is it, nail on the head. He didn’t have to be nasty or obtuse, just played it back.

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    Wether it’s funny, genius booking or however you may view it – booking comedians to take the piss out of political guests while they are on the same show is a bad move.

    You’re soon going to run out of guests who want to take part.

    And you see that as a problem, whereas I see it as a feature.

    one of the reasons politics is in such a state is that it’s increasingly treated with flippancy.

    Maybe if the politicians started taking it seriously, the rest of us might have more faith in them!

    Took the words out of my mouth.

    I think the only thing BoJo took seriously was the opportunity his position gave him to have as many kids by as many women as possible.

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    Whilst it’s funny I can’t help but feel the commentary/mocking doesn’t change anything. Is brushed off and quickly forgot about while the continuous feeds get most people back on the agenda, the agenda and theatre they want to talk about rather than what needs to be addressed.

    Obviously the upcoming energy dry **** will make some people sit up and take notice for a while, until it’s back to business as usual keeping the plebs fighting for diminishing scraps!

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