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  • Job offer, negotiating the salary.
  • twohats

    As per title, been offered a job and the salary, based on my experience, is a good chunk more than its being advertised for. Without being too cheeky, anybody have any tips on the etiquette to negotiate a bit more out of them without taking the piss?

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    it depends:

    Are you in employment and got head-hunted?
    Are you unemployed and will take what you can get?
    Are you in employment and jumping from a sinking ship?

    The extent to which they appreciate your position is the key to working out how far you can push them.


    wot stoner said and give them a shit sandwich

    say nice thing
    say not nice thing
    say nice thing

    thanks for the offer, would love to take it, great company etc
    but, had anticipated a higher salary based on experience etc, is it negotiable?
    hope to resolve the issue quickly so you can start there asap blah blah


    Justify it in some way? Say how ace you are and how much they're getting for the money. Big yourself up a lot.

    Dunno, if it was me I'd just aim high and say I was looking for 'this much' where 'this much' was say 5k more than I really wanted. If they agree, double bonus, if not I'd let them beat me down to what I wanted in the first place.

    Big M

    Look at the whole package, slaary, pension, etc… Work out your current situation, is it more.

    Then just ask them if they can move upward? Do you need to justify why you've asked? If so similar jobs paying more etc..


    Or you could do what I did some years ago after being offered a job

    Employer – Where would you see your salary?

    Me – £XXXXX

    Employer – That's fine


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    I think if they've offered you more than they advertised the post for (and they probably know what you;re on now) then they've made an effort to make it attractive to you and probably don't have much room for manuover.

    Might be worth trying to negotiate a 3 month review based on perfromance though?


    Thanks for the replies.
    The situation is this:
    I sent a speculative CV to the company, weeks later they got in touch stating that even though they didn't currently have any positions to offer, they'd be interested in meeting me for an informal meeting. At the meeting they asked what sort of salary I was looking for, bit of a trick question I though seeing as there was no job on offer, and told them what I was looking for.
    A week after the meeting I received a call informing me that a position is becoming available and would I be interested. The salary offered is roughly halfway between what I said I wanted and what they are currently advertising. I feel that even though I sold myself pretty well at the meeting, I didn't sell myself hard enough because there wasn't a job on offer and it now it feels weird trying to sell myself further after they've met me and made an offer!

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