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    These tyres have been recommended by my local tyre dealer, for winter driving.
    Looking for the equivalent of the old Colway M&S tyres from my youth, fitted them to the back of my MK2 Escort and never got stuck

    However these days to go on Yaris, any experience or what are you using?


    I have read a couple of people using them and saying they perform ok, however i would not use them on the basis of where they are made.

    Cheap far east rubber will provide a decent level of grip in snow, but as a UK driver we need the wet traction below 7’c to be the main factor for the purchase.

    If it was me.. i would avoid and go with a better brand, however if its a case of using these v a cheap summer tyre I would go for them only on that basis.


    Pay abit more and buy a mid-range brand IMO. On tyres I think if you are changing 10-25 quid extra per corner is better if you are looking for weather-specific tyres.

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    Fitted Kleber Quadraxer`s to our Fabia – 4 season tyres £50 a corner they have M+S and * rating . They seem to just work.

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    Coming in at £53 each so not that cheap

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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