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  • Jigsaws (dull old man content)
  • Mister P

    I’ve become a proper old fart and got into jigsaws, 1000 piece Gibson puzzles are my choice. Just completed this one. Am I alone or does STW harbour similarly dull old farts?


    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    I was hoping for a discussion on the benefits of DeWalt over Makita.

    Is disappoint…


    We always have one on the go at Christmas. Occasionally at other times of the year. Better that sitting in front of the tele and switching your brain off.

    @Mister P – we completed the very same one over Christmas – not for the first time… although we only found the missing piece 1/1000 after all the Christmas Decs and the jigsaw had been put away again.

    You might want to invest in one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Large-Puzzle-jigsaw-3000pcs-storage/dp/B00BURFNV8

    People may deride you but it’s funny how all visitors to my house can’t resist have a wee go at it when its on the table..

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    My mum loves a good jigswaw and we get one out at the in-laws for Christmas. Everyone loves a play and adding to it. Great harmless and inclusive fun.

    We went away for Christmas with the inlays and my mum and my wife bought a puzzle to take with us.

    It was a Murder Mystery puzzle (there are lots available) and was a hit with everyone (13 to 77 years old). Everyone just popped in to the room where it was and had a go every now and then. Sometimes you were on your own, sometimes it was ‘all hands on deck’

    If you have the space (or one of those carriers) I would really rate it as a Christmas activity to span generations 🙂

    PS – I was very sceptical when it was produced, but it got 5 stars from me as you can probably gather

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Mr b does jigsaws on her ipad, rather annoying as I can’t hide a piece to claim victory in completing it.

    Premier Icon CHB

    Disappointed. Was looking forward to glibly giving a Makita fan boye comment.


    me too. has to be a body grip type tho…

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