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    Does anyone have experience of taking a bike on Jet2 flights. The sports equimrnt bit on their site only covers skis or golf bags.


    Many items, including but not limited to musical instruments, golf clubs, bicycles, surfboards, water and winter sports equipment, are inherently unsuitable for carriage by airlines operating fast turnarounds. However, is prepared to carry such items on a ‘Limited Release’ basis, subject to space being available. Customers should ensure that they have comprehensive insurance in place for these items as the airline’s liability is limited.
    Current charges applicable for the carriage of the following items are shown below. Prices shown are per item per one-way flight . However, charges will be levied at the prevailing rate on the date of travel.
    Item of Carriage
    All items max weight 20kg*
    Max size 6ftx3ft (182 x 91cm)
    BODY/SURF BOARDS (pre book)
    BICYCLES*** (pre book)
    Charge per Item per one way flight

    30.00GBP/ 40EUR/ 58CHF/ 1060CZK/ 165PLN

    ***Bicycles must be wrapped in stiff cardboard with the pedals off and the handlebars turned in line with the frame. Tyres must also be partially deflated.

    cake eater

    Cheers iota, hadn’t checked the FAQ’s…..doh!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    We totally ignored their comments on “wrapping in stiff cardboard” fwiw. And 20kg is not generous if you want to properly pack a bike- the size allowance is smaller than many bike bags too.

    But, can’t complain- planes were obviously older but seemed in good shape, bikes did not get bent in half or anything.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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