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  • Jess Varnish
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    How selfless of him…

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    I’m guessing he regrets that interview now.

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    How selfless of him…

    Well I was suggesting that it wasn’t, really.

    Is pragmatic though.

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    I wonder how all this has affected the rest of the olympic team. Not an ideal situation to be in within months of the Games.

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    Ill never forget the a few years ago when Shane Sutton lived near me.
    While on a road training ride passing the estate where he lived ,He pulled out right in front of me in a british cycling car.held my hands up in shock ,
    he then gave me a two finger salute an told me to f off.
    Nice guy
    don’t think so.

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    I for one think sorting this apparent sexism in the cycling team and hopefully beyond into other sports elite teams is more important in the long run than any one Olympics. It was facinating to hear one of the women who has been selected for the Triathlon team asked about sexism in her sport on the today program this morning. She said because it was so new to the Olympics and that the sport in general has equal races, equal support/sponsorship and prizes for the men and women it was just not an issue. That Is how it should be and if it requires a root and branch reform of the ‘old boys’ system as appears to happen in many sports* then so be it.

    *I had previous experience of this as a youth in the competitive sailing world

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    Dave Brailsford – Your Country Needs You! for 100 days until a suitable replacement can be found.

    Never thought appointing a brash Australian has a good idea. Fine for a team of thick skinned rugby players, but cyclists are far too sensitive.

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    Good piece by Will Fotheringham in Guardian at moment

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    Jimw – the triathletes point that newer sports are more equal has parallels in cycling. I didn’t really feel that there was sexism until I did a bit of road racing. Mountain biking is pretty open and it feels fine to have a go and the prizes aren’t (usually) massive but everyone gets them.

    Dealing with BC / road racing just felt like some kind of throwback to another era. I was quite taken aback.

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    This would never have happened if they were all using disc brakes instead of calipers or no brakes . 😀

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    Kuco, With regards to your post, Hopefully it has had a positive effect and shown to others that people will be listened to and actions will be taken. There’s no doubt that those on the inside know what he’s like and as plenty have illuded to, he’s a brash Aussie, It’s NOT an excuse it’s just how he comes across.
    Cocky smug and full of of his own self importance, Of course i dont know the guy and have actually never met him, he might also be the nicest guy on the planet.

    But i cant help but think every time i see or hear him “he’s got One of them faces that you would never tire of Punching”

    Ramsey `Neil, Some of them dont use brakes 😉 surely that counts, No?

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    The Nicole Cooke article in the Guardian is excellent and doesn’t even fully list the differences in treatment at key events

    BC has had issues for decades, and it won’t change

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    “But i cant help but think every time i see or hear him “he’s got One of them faces that you would never tire of Punching”

    Now that is the sort of thing an violent person would say.

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    Yet Shanaze Read got lots for the BMX, but I don’t recall her getting a medal.

    Having checked; it was, serendipitiously, 5th.

    Who knew?

    Shanaze was a multiple world champion at BMX and was favourite to win. the fact that she failed (twice) was almost a bigger story than if she had won.
    Incidentally I was made up for ACC in the 2008 Olympics, such a great ride showing her all round class rather than just outright power.

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    British Cycling’s week just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

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