Jawbone VR50 Photochromic lenses – how clear do they go?

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  • Jawbone VR50 Photochromic lenses – how clear do they go?
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    As above, are they suitable for use at night?

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    Bumpety bump, any one on the evening shift have an opinion?

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    I’ve got the clear to black iridium lenses in my new racing jackets(jawbones), they go clear.
    I’ve got some transitions lenses in my old style racing jackets, they go light brown at their clearest, not useable at night but very good for the woods.

    Probably slightly OT but if you just want some cheap clear Jawbone lenses I picked up some nice VL ones

    on eBay from Visionary Lenses

    that only tint to 87% or something daft (so basically clear to ever so slightly not clear) for £12 posted. The 7 bucks postage will cover three sets as they’ll combine the p&p.


    Thanks for the link breatheasy.

    The only problem with combining postage would be the goods price is then over £15 which means VAT is added, and the post office would add there clearance charge which is about £10.

    So ordering three would just about make sense whereas ordering 2 would not.

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    Thanks all. Id seen that company on eBay, they also do a vented version. Will have a ponder!

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    STILL no Radar photochromic lenses! aaargh


    I’ve got Jawbones/Racing Jackets with VR50s. Totally clear in low light. Excellent lenses.


    Had a look around at these recently – got some Radars coming for Crimbo. The best Oakley photochromic lenses for low light seem to be the clear black iridium lenses. They seem to have a wider range than the others.

    My missus has some prescription ones and they go pretty much clear. Great for in the depths of the forests. Not sure about night rides but should be fine with decent lights.


    VR50s are not completely clear in the dark. I had a set of VR50 transitions and I have used them for a night ride but they’re a touch dark unless you have silly bright lights IMO.

    I now have clear-black transitions and they do go very very nearly clear – certainly easily clear enough for night riding.

    I’ve posted on this quite a few times so have a search through my history.


    Clear – Black Iridium Trnansitions FTW if you want some fit and forget Jawbone lenses that you can night ride in.

    clear black iridium are best for night – even in the brightest of summers day they are still good (probably need something a tad stronger if riding in pure sunshine all day long for days on end)…

    but in terms of MTB (in and out of woods etc etc) in the uk the clear black iridiums are perfect! they excel in the woods, in pitch black and work fine with powerful led lights..

    ive sent my back via the lbs though 🙁 the coating has come off in various parts of the lenses, mostly on the left hand side, in odd blobs, and some longer bits….the lbs (who are great!) have sent them to oakley for me, and reckon they should be warrantied….

    i bloody hope so as the RRP is 95quid on these and ive only had them since april/may time

    but they are fantastic lenses though, ive sold all my other lenses as they are perfect for mtb in the uk


    I have a set of Radar Path glasses and really wish Oakley would sell a vented version of the transitions lens.

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