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  • Jake Burton Carpenter – RIP
  • plumber

    Directly responsible for some of the greatest days in my life

    Well, that’s debated by many but certainly he did a lot for the widespread adoption of the sport, and it’s very sad he’s died so young. It also sounds like he truly lived the sport as well as running a huge company – I remember hearing that he would regularly (and recently) put in 100+ days per season. RIP.

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    Well, that’s debated by many

    Stay classy.

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    Agreed – the likes of Tom Sim, Jake Burton Carpenter and Craig Kelly all helped shape what I know today as modern snowboarding … which has provided me with immense please and huge enjoyment.


    Anyone whos ever enjoyed snowboarding owes him (alongside Tom Sims et al) a debt . True pioneer who was the only one that managed to play the corporate game and win.
    Time to pop on a Burton Hoody and have a beer whilst watching Afterbang.
    Cancer really is a bitch 🙁


    Never got on with Burton boards myself…. didn’t like the “plink” sound/feel they had when landing…. but loved my cartel bindings.

    Here’s a pic of an iconic board in his honour

    A spinning Jim Rippey


    So spinny you can see it twice !!

    ROP Mr Burton

    Rest Off-Piste

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    ^^^^^ That’s still the only board I currently own!

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    Never had a Burton board but there’s certainly lots of Burton gear in my snowboarding kit. RIP JBC wish it’s always a pow day wherever you are.

    RIP Jake. Thanks for the good times.
    Chatting with my bro about this today, and our French trips,
    ChamJam ’97

    Burton boards;
    Jeff Brushie, 2x customs, contact 148 & 153, floater.

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