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    “I’ve seen it all
    I’ve seen it all now
    I’ve seen it all
    I’ve seen it all now I swear to god”

    I take that as someone telling me that, umm, they’ve seen it all.

    I took that as he was the one stabbed, and is now dead seeing as the next line says about seeing the light.

    I do have a track record of getting song lyrics wrong though.

    Someone who can play a guitar regurgitating old songs and spewing out others he’s had written for him. That makes him 1 step away from being X-Factor sh*t.

    Sounds like theres a very split camp here. People who don’t like him and middle aged blokes who have ‘discovered’ Jake Bugg and get all grumpy about someone having an opinion.

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    I quite like the CD we have. Is that wrong? Also don’t think it has any covers on it…?

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    lol that’s right, let’s bring the X Factor into the debate and make this thread a good ol’ STW grump-fest for Christmas Eve. It’s like the old days.

    FWIW I quite like Jake Bugg and think that some of the X Factor contestants are talented singers. Give me your vitriol your grumpy buggers 😆

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    I ain’t middle aged!

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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