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  • Jacobs Ladder/Edale conditions??
  • JonEdwards

    Did a wee ride from home today (S. Sheffield), and whilst it was very picturesque, the ground conditions were absolutely shocking – refrozen snow, on top of ice, on top of melt water, on top of mud.

    Descending was fun in a sketchy kinda way, but getting back up to the top again was horrendous. Just SO slippy (flat pedal shoes are worse than useless on ice!)

    Anyway. Want to get out again tomorrow and I’m wondering if the conditions in the High Peak are as poor, or if it’s actually been cold enough to freeze the ground properly, and/or has real snow, not just semi melted, refrozen slush.

    …and for the hell of it, a pic…


    Thinking of heading down to Sheff to ride my old loop tomorrow. H’kirk and Blacka to be precise. When you say s.sheff is this where you mean?



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    Wish it would improve got a trailquest around hope on sunday. Going to be bad enough with the predicted rain.
    Predict 1hr till “stuff this i’m off home”.


    I was wondering about conditions too…… was lethal last weekend around high peak, most of the rock seemed to have this thin invisible film of ice on it

    Ahhh pants. I may risk it anyway. I’ve ridden that area for a few winters. It is what it is. Need to check out the route sanitisation on Blacka anyway.


    We’re off to Jacob’s Ladder on Tuesday, group of 9 I think!

    If anyone has a conditions report, it would be fantastic!


    Was up on mon and today. Mon proper grim constant hail jacobs ladder footpath descent was pretty slippy.

    Mam tor, edale, barber booth, kinder etc cold, apparently -5 with windchill but dry. Unfortunately pretty wet, snow on ice on mud. Still a good ride mind, would be out tomorrow but i’m working. i’ll try & stick a picture up if i can be arsed


    Anyone got any more recent updates to the peak

    For some ilthought out reasoning I think I’m set to do the jacobs loop this weekend
    Don’t mind a bit of ice leftover, but not keen on it being ice sheet central all the way round
    (and re: mud, was to skip rushop edge/mam tor and go up chapel gate and add in a little harder based stuff on the hayfield side)


    Damp no ice, it’s wazzed it down lots this week.


    Gloop is a good word for it


    Almost soul sappingly wet out on Saturday, the top of the Roman Road was like riding on a beach! Stick to the properly rocky stuff (Beast/Potato Alley/Lockerbrook) and you’ll have a good ride.


    Did the standard loop from Hope last Sunday.


    Pindale & the Limestone way were solid

    The climb up along Rushup from Mam Nick was horrible – the sanitised bit was like riding through porridge. The boggy bit across the moor was in rather better shape (it was muddy, but solid under the mud).

    Sunken Road and the Roych round to Mount Famine were running wet. Got stuck in a load of MXers who were mincing down the steps into the Clough itself. All but 2 of them bottled the steps and rode the chicken line (WTF is the point of all that power and all that suspension if you don’t take the fun line???)

    The descent into Cauldwell Clough has changed loads since I last rode it – most of the big water bars seem to have vanished.

    Climb up to Jacobs was soul-destroyingly soggy. Made all but about 10′ of it (no traction in the mud), but it did utterly knacker me.

    Jacob’s itself was ace. Zero snow and very little ice, which given I’d been walking up there the previous week in crampons was a bit 😯

    Jaggers Clough and the Hope Expressway were both mingingly wet/muddy.

    Bacon & Egg cob in the Woodbine was spot on!!

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