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    Tuesday, when i broke it 🙁


    This morning Morzine to St Jean Daulps and back by the river.

    And again this afternoon, in Les Gets.


    Premier Icon Yak

    Since Bonty. Then holiday with no bikes, now catching up on work so no bike time. Hopefully fix that in the next day or 2.

    You will get some bike time – your baby will soon settle into regular sleep/ feed patterns and you’ll both get more efficient at all the routines.


    Attempts jealousy death ray gaze on glover
    Last night but only to check it worked with the panniers on

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Erm better not answer, is commuting not an option? Unless you are very lucky it’s a poor substitute but it can do the job. Late night/very early morning ride?
    When we started spawning tuesday night rides were pretty much a constant – the only guaranteed riding time I had, mrs seemed pretty cool with that.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    36km in the last 2 months following work trips gastro crash damage to me and a few other things.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    endomondo sent me an email telling me off for not submitting any activity in July. So it must have been June.

    and I won’t have time to get on the bike in August. Maybe I could get out for a quick blat on 31st.

    Premier Icon nemesis

    17th July – house move, holiday and upcoming road event mean I probably won’t ride one for a while either.

    Premier Icon scandal42

    Last night

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I do hope so Yak. It’s our 3rd child but our other two were Autumn babies so being stuck inside with them wasn’t quite as painful as it has been this Summer with number 3.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Last night but only to check it worked with the panniers on

    panniers? good god, tell me this is for the commuter, don’t want you turning up to rides with panniers (full of hand weaved artisanal tofu no doubt)


    Start of June… I haven’t even got a good excuse. Do a weekly ride with a mate on my hybrid that’s about it!

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Day before yesterday, but that was the first time since mid June; work away from home, and v busy since coming back.

    Probably just get one more brief scoot before heading away to work next week…

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    last friday, but i’d had horrendous brad pitts all day so it was a dangerous endeavour.
    A couple of times i had to drop back 50yrds or so from the gf and my mate so i could have a danger fart… no sharting thank god

    Hadn’t been to Ogden in ages and really enjoyed it, even if it was a bit soggy (the trail, not my kecks)

    Last night 😀

    But it’s been slim pickings since miniS#2 came along – and last night involved two punctures, a buckled wheel and a split tyre.

    Premier Icon sazter

    Sunday but I crashed, so 2 weeks of no bikes, then 4 weeks taking it easy. Stupid bones. 🙁


    Last Wednesday, getting trickier to get out on the mtb lately, after a big crash OH prefers me not to go mtb’ing alone, as all my mates work same job as me, means its difficult to get a few hours in. Road bike on the other hand is getting loads of miles in.

    On hols in 2 weeks hoping to get a blast in wales and the FOD.

    Premier Icon lunge

    September last year. Lots of road miles but my MTB it sat not doing very much at all. I’d sell it if I felt it was worth anything.


    Tuesday, but feeling it on the legs so resting up until Saturday.


    Monday and tuesday, got up this morning for a quick blast before work but couldn’t be bothered. Watched, highlights of the tour of poland instead.

    Will be going out in the morning though, definitely. 5.30am.


    Since mid July when I got back from the White Room! Not even put my bike back together yet. Not been helped by dislocating my finger in a 7’s tournament a week later so not been able to grip things.

    Definitely going to try and get out this weekend though… Maybe…

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Its been a couple of weeks, just had a busy time with other stuff, its summer so weddings, kids parties all the other crap gets in the way…

    I’m Assembling a new Road bike and I’ve been riding my fixie to work, that’s something I suppose… but the MTB needs use or it starts feeling unloved…

    Own business, 2 small children. Enough said.


    EKUL, snap!

    Since ….. i got back from a week with Stevio/Iona and The White Room reprobates in Les Arcs about 10 days ago…….

    (suddenly, my local trails, look, frankly, pathetically tame ;-(

    I want to be here again:

    (which is funny because at the time i was cacking myself……… 😉

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Couple of weeks, terrified of injury before setting of to Whistler on Saturday 😀

    Premier Icon cakefacesmallblock

    Last Sunday and appallingly at that. Woefully slow and struggling to get into any sort of rhythm . This was the point when I realised that the cold I’d had the previous week , had in fact, left me with a chest infection. Half way through a course of antibiotic mow and starting to feel as though this coming Sunday could be a riding day.

    Premier Icon hatter

    Since I caught this bloody bronchitis, that just… will… not… **** off!

    Very bored of this now.


    4th July – stupidly had an otb at forest of dean on the blue (!) trying to catch someone else before the uplift bus.

    Hit a log that I had seen before and thought that was in a dodgy position after a corner, and then managed to hit it later on.

    Crunched my left shoulder and there is still a swelling over my ac joint 🙁

    Was trying to be careful before a holiday to the Maldives, but luckily it didn’t mess it up too much, just couldn’t swim quite as much as I wanted 🙁


    … since I got my CX bike sorted.
    I can get long road miles in with some fun detours through the fields.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Same here and feel bad. Nasty off followed by man flue and then too much time on the internet which led to purchasing new frame and stripping old bike down.

    Every time I plan to build it up something comes along. Will try and finish off next week.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    proper Emm-Tee-Beeing – May 😳

    Razz round the park to try a new tyre – July

    See-Ecksing – big ride last Friday.


    11th May fractured scaphoid and capitate.

    Just starting to venture out on the road this week.


    This morning.


    July 2013 was my last proper ride, currently on the sofa recovering from surgery to remove a nerve from my foot. Looking forward to getting on the turbo at some point (something I never thought I’d ever say!). Hope that helps!

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    July 1st!!! 😯 😥

    A combination of being busy with work and having a new baby has meant I’ve been looking forlornly out of the window at the sunny weather and not actually enjoying the dusty trails.

    Make me feel better and tell me your horror stories of when you last actually rode your bike.

    PS I don’t want to see responses such as “this morning” thank you very much 😆

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Didn’t ride it at all in July. Couple of laps of the Glentress green routes with tbe kids last week and a local pootle last night to justify a pint afterwards.


    Last Wednesday (though that was Sticks Pass, and the day before we’d done Bottowdale Bash plus Warnscale) 🙂


    May 17th when I tore my right adductor muscle (inside thigh at the top). 2 days after that I tore the calf muscle in the same leg…

    It’s making me 🙁


    Sunday – 17 miles on and off road, including about 3 or 4 miles through local woods.

    Off again this afternoon, early finish!


    Starting training for the Ride London Surrey some months ago (still dont feel ready though!) Looking forward to doing it, but also to it being done so I can ride the mtb without feeling I should be on the road bike!

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